Becoming Elizabeth – Season 1 Episode 6 “What Cannot Be Cured” Recap & Review

What Cannot Be Cured

Episode 6 of Becoming Elizabeth starts at the Tower of London as Edward Seymour visits his brother and demands the truth. Instead, Thomas refuses to talk, refusing to reveal exactly why he was conspiring against the King.

King Edward blames himself for this though, believing he’s hated by the masses and bitterly retorting that everyone is out to get him.

Now, Elizabeth also happens to be under house arrest while all this happens, but she’s shown a document implicating Thomas SeymOur as an abuser. There have been rumours and gossip but a signed letter from Kat reinforces the truth.

Lord Dudley eventually manages to squeeze the truth from Elizabeth, who admits that Thomas acted inappropriately with her. She reveals all, including the marriage proposal and Catherine’s death. These are acts – according to Elizabeth – that are befitting of death.

While men grow bold in Norfolk, at council Henry Grey wants justice and to strike back with an iron fist. Edward Seymour decides to send Lord Dudley off to deal with the rebels – but to show mercy. It also appears that he’s going to go easy on his brother.

Dudley points out that Thomas is a villain and he’s the only one who has his back. Edward is blinded by familial ties and eventually shouts at Thomas, telling him to obey and sending him on his way.

When Dudley leaves, a beaten Robert shows up to see Elizabeth and admits the truth, pointing out that Thomas did, in fact, attempt to try and take the King. He also brings up the rebels and how he’s been sent to deal with them along with his father.

With Dudley gone, Henry Grey appears to see Edward VI and demands Thomas Seymour be executed. Realizing the order needs to be co-signed, the King signs but when it’s given to the Lord Protector, he deliberates, pointing out the rebellion is a more important matter to deal with. The thing is, to not sign would be showing weakness – something this rebellion has risen up because of.

Elizabeth arrives to see the King, dropping to her knees and promising her brother that she didn’t conspire against him. However, Mary happens to be in the room and she calls Elizabeth a fool, pointing out she’s too headstrong. Elizabeth catches her siblings off-guard by pointing out that traitors should die, no matter who they are.

With Edward Seymour in limbo, the rest of the council organize a coup and decide to offer the position to Mary. However, Henry Grey is eventually summoned to see Edward Seymour. He struggles to sign the execution order but after a rather awkward chat with his brother in the Tower, he signs it and lets justice be served.

When Edward Seymour heads outside in the hallway, he speaks to Mary who admits that the council are losing faith in him, hence why they wanted her to be Lord Protector.

Spooked, Edward Seymour grabs the King and points out that the council are conspiring against him. He also gives his son a letter, telling him to ride up and bring it to Dudley, imploring him to return immediately. While everyone is gathered for Thomas Seymour’s execution, his brother slips away with the King.

A bloodied Dudley receives the letter from the Lord Protector and hastily hangs several of the rebels before taking off, catching up with Edward Seymour with his men. Dudley apologizes to the Lord Protector, telling him his duty is to the King and the realm – not to the old Lord Protector. Dudley drops to his knees, “Are you my savoir?” The King asks, “I’m whatever you want me to be, sire.”

So naturally, instead of Mary taking on the position, Dudley ends up as Lord protector and the council all completely back him. Mary is kicked out the council room and Dudley takes the reigns as Lord protector.

That night, Elizabeth is brought before the King and handed the letter Thomas Seymour wrote for her prior to his execution. It’s clearly a test, and one that Elizabeth seems to pass. She takes the letter, throws it in the fire and hugs her brother.

The Episode Review

Becoming Elizabeth has been pretty accurate to history so far, with the execution of Thomas Seymour, the coup from Dudley and all the incidents involving Elizabeth actually true to the time period. It’s refreshing to find a show like this actually take the real history and run with it, especially given how dramatic the events are that unfold in this time.

The only point of contention, however, comes from Mary. Given the council are Protestant, it seems almost illogical to consider Mary – who’s a Catholic – to be Lord Protector. However, that is quickly squashed when Dudley backstabs Edward Seymour and elevates himself to this position.

Although this is a little skewed, the rest of the episode is exciting and well written, with plenty of drama dotted throughout the hour. It’s a shame that the audience isn’t bigger for this series, but Becoming Elizabeth has been a highly enjoyable watch all the same. And the ending certainly hints that there’s more drama to come going forward.

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