Beauty School – Happiness | Album Review

Track Listing

Take It Slow
Pawn Shop Jewels
Only Nature
keep Close


Emo fans will indulge here. The music by Beauty School rages on like a two-day hangover, the type of daze that worsens under artificial light. Though this sounds like a meagre assessment, these guys actually know how to write catchy, well-rounded songs.

Hailing from Leeds, Beauty School has all the devices and more to create a craze with their emotional twists and turns along with their thought-provoking lyricism. And people may think that this record is a vibrant push for hope, but it actually details more than that – and it’s profound.

The typical emo sound has been elevated on Happiness, and Beauty School knows their way with their instruments, while screaming out for validation. The hurt is real on this release, and the act does not fill in the cracks, or paper over them; they let it become a part of their war-cry.

Sleepless nights are evident. Crashing thoughts break into the minds, and love becomes an afterthought. These lyrics turn sour on occasion too, and are slightly unnerving, but it’s part of the structure of this record.

‘Take It Slow’ starts everything off in an emo whirlwind. The guitar riff is infectious and vocals are brooding, while the lyrics detail some optimism.

‘Keep Close’ is a soft inclusion. There’s an introduction describing war here, before ‘Ekimee’ comes in as another subtle reminder. The chorus becomes an intense slant, and the song conveys a sense of losing it all. Evergreen is a pop punk track with emo undertones. It’s intelligent song writing, and the lyrics command attention. The rush and riff excel here.

‘Junior’ is the swansong; a crescendo which shows superb craft and skill. These guys certainly know how to do the emo genre justice. It’s a sad song, but one that is exhilarating too.

Beauty School confirm their place as emo travelers who stroll through the darkness of their sadness. Their sound will resonate on a high-level.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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