Beauty and Mr. Romantic – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 7 picks up right where the previous one left off. Do-ra walks in on Pil-seung as he is expressing his disdain with her to Bong-soo. This causes Do-ra to feel utterly devastated, and she decides to leave. Pil-seung makes an effort to pursue her and offer an explanation for his behaviour. On the other hand, Do-ra requests that Jae-dong continue driving.

After this, Pil-seung arrives at his house and immediately begins to feel frustrated while he is in his room. His parents are able to overhear him, but they choose to let him be alone so that he can work through his feelings.

Do-sik, on the other hand, pays a visit to his ex-girlfriend and finds out that she is about to get married. He makes her an offer to marry her, but she responds by saying that he is quite older than she is. As a consequence, Do-sik gets upset, and he goes to the park. At this point, he makes an attempt to commit suicide.

However, Myung-dong is able to spot him and keep him from doing it. As a consequence of this, they have another one-night stand, which causes Myung-dong to feel upset the next morning because Do-sik considers it to be a mistake.

During the filming of the drama, we see Do-ra avoiding Pil-seung on the set. On the other hand, in an effort to win Do-ra over, Jin-dan takes the initiative to organise a food cart for the cast and crew of the drama. Soon after Do-ra’s mother becomes aware of the possibility that Jin-dan harbours feelings for her daughter, she decides to meet with him.

Because of her financial situation, she makes the decision to use Jin-dan after he has tied the knot with her daughter. She questions as to whether or not he has feelings for Do-ra, and after his admission that he does, she starts making plans to bring the two of them together.

After shooting, Do-ra continues to feel upset because of Pil-seung’s betrayal. Immediately after this, she goes to a bar to numb her feelings. After hearing about Do-ra’s whereabouts from Jae-dong, Mi-ja notifies Jin-dan of the same. After this, Jin-dan goes to the bar to meet Do-ra and attempts to impress her.

On the other hand, Pil-seung is experiencing a great deal of guilt because he betrayed Do-ra with his actions. As he approaches her building to apologise, he notices Do-ra being accompanied by Jin-dan. As a consequence of this, he leaves without apologizing.

The situation involving Do-ra and Jin-dan is brought to Pil-seung’s attention by the senior director Jin-koo the following day. In addition, he tells Pil-seung that Jin-dan is known for his penchant for having affairs. At this point, Pil-seung feels obligated to protect his childhood friend. She refuses to talk to him at first and tells the director that she doesn’t want to work with Pil-seung around.

This ultimately leads to the senior director Jin-koo removing Pil-seung from the drama. On the other hand, Pil-seung decides to make one last move in order to salvage his career. The ending of the episode is marked by Pil-seung revealing to Do-ra that he is Dae-chung.

The Episode Review

In the seventh episode, Do-ra has the impression that Pil-seung has betrayed her. Pil-seung, on the other hand, is experiencing feelings of guilt and is desperate to express his apologies to Do-ra. During this time, Mi-ja helps Jin-dan in winning Do-ra over. Pil-seung tells Do-ra that he’s Dae-chung.

The narrative of the show continues to be extremely emotionally moving and entertaining, and it also contains a good deal of drama. The characters and the journeys they go through continue to be extremely fascinating, which keeps you interested from the very beginning to the end of the episode. These episodes are doing an excellent job of unravelling the storyline, which is not surprising given that the show built a solid foundation in the first few episodes.

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