Beauty and Mr. Romantic – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

At the beginning of Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 6, Do-ra is seen pursuing Pil-seung in order to question him. After this, she comes dangerously close to falling, and he leaps to rescue her. Following this, she asks about whether or not he is acquainted with Dae-chung or is related to him. The discovery that Do-ra remembers him comes as a surprise to Pil-seung as a consequence of this. On the other hand, he gives her the impression that he is not familiar with any Dae-chung, rather than telling her the truth.

Geum-ja, on the other hand, pays a visit to Mi-ja and confronts her about the fact that she took money from Pil-seung’s grandfather. As a consequence of this, she demands that Mi-ja pay the money that she owes to their family along with interest. Mi-ja initially asserts that she will not pay the money. However, she gives in and agrees to pay after Geum-ja threatens to expose her on live television. Following that, she asks her to give her some time so that she can make the necessary arrangements for the money.

It is revealed to us that Jin-taek’s aunt is planning to pay a visit. Soo-yeon is getting ready to pick her up from the airport as a consequence of this. At this point, Ae-kyo offers to join her as well. Shortly after, Jin-taek meets with them at the airport and they pick Dae-sook. In light of the fact that Dae-sook is focusing all of her attention on Jin-taek and Soo-yeon, Ae-kyo is feeling left out.

At various points during the production, Pil-seung provides help to Do-ra. Likewise, he is of help to Bong-soo as well. He does this to be able to meet the requirements of the leads and ensure that they are productive in their work. Do-ra, on the other hand, finds Pil-seung’s actions to be extremely moving, and she can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Furthermore, during a scene, Do-ra is asked to throw water on Bong-soo. Consequently, this leads to a fight between the two, and Pil-seung attempts to make things more amicable.

Meanwhile, after several threats from Geum-ja, Mi-ja begins to feel anxious. So, as soon as she receives payment from Do-ra’s work, she meets with Geum-ja to pay her back. We see that Geum-ja asks for a huge interest. On the other hand, Mi-ja is successful in negotiating, and she eventually pays a nominal interest rate.

After this, Geum-ja returns to her house and hands the money over to her son Hyeon-cheol so that he can proceed with his business idea. Sun-young, who had previously been opposed to the idea of starting a business, is kept in the dark about this by the two of them.

At this point, Myeong-dong continues to reach out to Do-sik to get some clarity about their relationship. On the other hand, Do-sik continues to ignore her calls. However, the two of them end up running into each other and Do-sik practically begs Myeong-dong to leave him alone.

The scene then switches to Jin-taek’s home, wherein Ae-kyo gets upset with the house help for prioritising Soo-yeon’s needs over hers. In response to this, Dae-sook steps in and requests that the entire family maintain a respectful demeanour towards Ae-kyo. Following this, Ae-kyo visits Dae-sook’s room and she gets on her knees and thanks her for acknowledging her as an elder of the household.

Throughout the course of the day, Do-ra is told that Pil-seung is not on her side and that he’s simply keeping the peace on both sides. Despite this, Do-ra is convinced that Pil-seung is incapable of doing something like that, and she immediately dismisses the claims that have been made against him. Furthermore, after the shooting ends, she extends an invitation to Pil-seung to join her for dinner. However, Pil-seung tells her that he already has prior commitments.

During the closing moments of the episode, Pil-seung is seen enjoying sushi with Bong-soo, and the two of them are venting about Do-ra. At the end of the episode, Do-ra opens the door and reveals herself, while doing so with a rather unpleasant expression on her face.

The Episode Review

In episode 6, Pil-seung continues to help Do-ra to keep the peace on set. However, it appears that Do-ra has started to develop feelings for him. The debt that Mi-ja owed to Geum-ja in the past is settled. As we can see, Geum-ja goes against Sun-young’s wishes and instead helps Hyeon-chul in pursuing his business idea. Do-ra overhears Pil-seung and Bong-soo talking negatively about her.

There is a healthy dose of drama in the show’s storyline, which continues to be pleasant and fascinating to watch. Since the past was handled so skillfully, the present story is developing without any problems. Despite the fact that there are lots of characters in the show, it does a fantastic job of introducing them, and it manages to keep their interactions interesting.

An intriguing storyline is presented throughout the episode, which is consistent with the overall tone of the show. Additionally, it has entertaining turns and twists, and it keeps you hooked throughout the entire episode, which makes it a pleasant experience to watch.

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