Beauty and Mr. Romantic – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 10 picks up where the previous episode left off. Jin-taek is seen asking Soo-yeon if they should set up their daughter Na-eon’s wedding with Pil-seung, as he considers himself to be trustworthy. However, Soo-yeon reasons with him and tells him that it’s not fair to expect Pil-seung to take care of their developmentally challenged daughter, especially considering the fact that his mother put a lot of effort into raising him.

On the other hand, Pil-seung is seen walking with the “I’m a complete moron” tag behind him while being completely drunk. We then see Sun-young and Geum-ja spot him on the street and take him home. This causes Pil-seung to confront Do-ra about her actions. However, Do-ra refuses to take any responsibility, leaving Pil-seung confused.

The following day, Pil-seung visits the eatery yet again. After confirming that Do-ra put the tag behind him, he confronts Do-ra yet again, but this time he has proof to back up his claims. At this point, Do-ra confesses her feelings for him and tells him that they are now dating. Following this, Pil-seung goes on to tell Do-ra that he doesn’t have feelings for her and that they aren’t dating.

Given her fame, Do-ra finds it difficult to accept that Pil-seung doesn’t have feelings for her. As a consequence, she continues to chase him and get him to date her. However, he makes it abundantly clear that he has no interest in her and that she’s not his type. At this point, Do-ra agrees to go on a date with Jin-dan in order to make Pil-seung jealous.

On the other hand, Sun-young and her family receive gift baskets filled with food from Soo-yeon’s. We then see Sun-young visiting Soo-yeon’s home to give her homemade kimchi. At this point, Jin-taek goes on to mention Pil-seung having a girlfriend. This leaves Sun-young confused and she questions him further. He then tells her that his wife Soo-yeon told him about it. When Sun-young questions Soo-yeon, she changes the subject, leaving Sun-young confused.

We also see Dae-sook in constant touch with her friend Madame Cho so she can tell Jin-taek about Soo-yeon’s past. However, when Madame Cho is about to meet him and reveal the truth, she ends up getting involved in a tragic accident and passes away, leaving Dae-sook frustrated and bitter. To make matters worse, Ma-ri is getting kidnapped by a man, who lures her with a toy. However, Do-joon shows up just in time and saves Ma-ri from the kidnapper. Following this incident, Dae-sook is left frustrated about the prospects of her nephew Jin-taek.

We see Do-ra going on a date with Jin-dan. While having dinner, he attempts to secure another date. However, Do-ra tells him she’s getting late and attempts to avoid the situation. However, just as she’s about to leave, Jin-dan drops to his knees and asks her to date him. When she tells him that she’s not interested, he gets aggressive, leaving her confused and scared. Following this, she runs away. Luckily, Pil-seung shows up just in time and takes her away.

During the episode’s closing moments, a bunch of kids trouble Do-ra for pictures. Following this, she and Pil-seung escape and hide in a dark alley. The episode comes to a close with the two of them sharing a kiss.

The Episode Review

In episode 10, Do-ra confesses her feelings to Pil-seung. When Pil-seung turns her down, she has a hard time accepting rejection. Ma-ri almost gets kidnapped. Much to Dae-sook’s frustration, Madame Cho passes away before telling Jin-taek about Soo-yeon’s past. Do-ra goes out on a date with Jin-dan. Pil-seung and Do-ra share a kiss.

The storyline of the show continues to be engaging and entertaining and is sprinkled with some drama. Furthermore, the characters are quite interesting and keep you hooked throughout the episode. That said, the characters in the show aren’t well fleshed out. For instance, some of the characters, like Ae-kyo, Mi-ja, and Geum-ja, are made out to be unlikable, without any redeeming qualities.

Given that the show has a long way to go, it’ll be interesting to see the direction the show takes moving forward.

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