Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 97 & 98 Recap and Review

Another Accident

We are almost there! Ahead of the finale, the penultimate episodes of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life start to wrap its stories up and bring us some happy conclusions as well as dramatic ones. This latest chapter sets the scene quite well for the ending which promises to be really emotional.

We pick up where we left off with Si-Wol riding his bike while Joon-Hwi awkwardly kneels down. He first gives her a ring for each of her fingers before proposing with another beautiful ring. She nods but is soon interrupted by her phone ringing. Yong-Si begs for her help as she is afraid to die and decides to rush there but leaves Joon-Hwi behind.

Cheong-Ah arrives on a rooftop and sees Yong-Si. She hugs her and tells her she was afraid she wouldn’t find her there. Yong-Si explains that she wanted to escape and jump off so Cheong-Ah tells her she will always be there for her. Cheong-Ah takes her inside and explains she’s here thanks to her friend who stopped her. Noticing she has no shoes on, she decides to give hers to the girl before leaving.

Si-Wol arrives in a restaurant where he meets with Yu-Ra. He first forces her to eat something just like he ate what she bought him, which ends up making her sick. After coming back from the bathroom, she finally tells him the truth about the accident. She explains that she was going to tell him everything when her son left the country but wasn’t able to and didn’t want Joon-Hwi to know anything. As he realizes that everyone around him, including his closest friend, was hiding the truth from him, he storms out.

As Cheong-Ah returns to Joon-Hwi, Si-Wol suddenly appears on his bike and almost runs Joon-Hwi over. He swerves at the last minute and crashes his bike. Cheong and Joon-Hwi wait for him at the hospital as he had to have a minor operation. As the nurses bring him back to his bedroom, they reveal they found a nail in his head that has been there for a while. Cheong-Ah decides to sing to him which wakes him up. He tells her he doesn’t want to see her as she makes him feel miserable.

After calling his Mum, Joon-Hwi heads into Si-Wol’s room to help him get changed. Both boys discuss the accident and Joon-Hwi tells him he knew he wouldn’t hit him because of Cheong-Ah. After Joon-Hwi leaves, Tae-Rang calls Si-Wol to tell him his family are waiting for him to have food. Si-Wol reveal that he is in hospital which prompts Tae-Rang to visit him. Joon-Ik overhears the conversation and asks his sons to get clothes and food ready for him.

Joon-Ik and his two sons arrive in hospital and thank Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi for their help. They come into Si-Wol’s room with all the things they brought him which strengthen their new bond. Hae-Rang arrives too but when she sees her family in the room, she decides to walk away.

In the Kim household, Seol-Ah decides to record herself for a TV show interview. Jin-Woo calls her as he knows she was the one who took him home the other day. He jokes, telling her she saved his life and asks why she came to see Tae-Hae but ended up taking him home, so he suggests discussing it over some food.

Joon-Hwi returns home to talk with his mum about what happened. She then asks him if Cheong-Ah has given him her answer. He tells her that she will soon but has a big life here, unlike him. He then receives a text from Cheon-Ah to meet in the evening while at work Young-Woong speaks to his boss who wants him to take over the restaurant as they are opening another branch. He then calls Jin-Woo and asks him to meet as he needs some business advice.

After going through the business figures with Young-Woong, Jin-Woo is surprised to see Seol-Ah also coming to the restaurant. They sit down together to eat food as Jin-Woo announces that he has decided to move away to Antigua and Barbuda to start his own business there. He feels that he needs a change and finds it too hard to be around her. They leave each other, with him asking her for a hug and a request for her to be happy. As he walks away, she stops him and asks him to stay. After asking her if she means it and wants him to stay by her side, she replies that she does and they hug.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ra arrives in hospital to visit Si-Wol. He gets angry when he sees her, asking why she’s there. She kneels down but he tells her there is no way he can ever forgive her. She thanks him for not hurting her son and promises she’ll let the whole world know what she did.

In the evening, Joon-Hwi wants to propose to Cheong again but she tells him she can’t go to London and abandon her job. She explains that she also needs to stay for Yong-Si. He tells her he understands and they will break up for now, but knows that they will be together again so he will keep the ring.

The next morning during breakfast, Young-Woong shows his family his plans to take over the restaurant. His daughters are behind him, offering to invest in his business and his wife is ready to help him too.

Cheong-Ah decides to visit Si-Wol again and brings him some fruit. He gets angry at her though as he feels betrayed by her since she knew about the hit and run. She explains that she wanted to tell him but didn’t want to hurt him. They talk about Joon-Hwi leaving for London and he realizes that it’s because of him that she can’t go.

As she leaves, she comes face to face with Hae-Rang and they confront each other about their situation. Hae-Rang explains that she bullied her because she was jealous when Cheong-Ah used to talk about her mother in school, while hers was dying in hospital. Suddenly, Si-Wol appears and after overhearing his sister, he confronts her about the bullying and asks them if it really was her as the episode ends.

What an emotional and dramatic episode! Poor Si-Wol is finally aware of the truth and realizes that the most important person in his life lied to him too. This was quite harrowing to watch especially when he realises that his life could have been a lot different if Yu-Ra would have told the truth all those years ago.

On a happier note, it looks like Seol-Ah and Jin-Woo are finally back together when she asks him to stay. This was quite the touching scene to watch and one the show has been building towards for a while now. On the other hand, things aren’t looking good for our other main couple and we are left to wonder just what the last episode will have in store for them.

The episodes ended with quite the cliffhanger too and just what Si-Wol will do with this dramatic news remains to be seen. In the meantime, I will be counting the hours until the finale, which I’m sure will give us some happy and sad moments as we say goodbye to this drama.

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