Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 95 & 96 Recap and Review

Peeling Garlic

Just as things were looking up for poor Cheong-Ah, she has to face a very difficult decision; her passion for her job or her relationship. Hae-Rang is proving to be very conniving as she slowly starts to understand what Yu-Ra and her sister have been up to. Beautiful Love has certainly managed to keep its faithful audience entertained throughout its long run time, and up until its last few episodes, while still keeping us guessing as to how it will unfold next week.

The episodes pick up where we left off with Joon-Hwi asking Cheong-Ah to move to London with him. He explains that his mum won’t come clean unless he moves away. She is speechless at first then tells him that it sounds like he asked her to get married, to which she will think about seriously.

Joon-Hwi decides to visit his cousin in his house. He is greeted by his aunt who shouts at him for being there. She starts complaining about what the media and people are saying about her. Joon-Hwi tells her not to read all of the comments as although people will remember her power abuse, he knows that she has worked very hard and non-stop since she was young.

She is surprised by what he is saying then complains that Jin-Woo is peeling garlic. Jin-Woo explains that it is the only thing that keeps his mind busy so Joon-Hwi suggests that he buy a garlic farm. This makes Hwa-Young even angrier and starts throwing salt at them, wondering if they are really human.

Both cousins head to Jin-Woo’s room and discuss his conversation with Cheong-Ah. Jin-Woo worries that her answer sounded like a refusal so he tells him to try proposing again – but properly this time – while Cheong-Ah asks for her advice. She tells her sister that she is not sure what to do, especially as she is about to get reinstated and worked very hard to get her job.

As she starts putting two and two together about Si-Wol’s hit and run, Hae-Rang decides to visit Hwa-Young. After they call each other psychopaths, Hae-Rang confronts her about buying off Si-Wol’s public defender and asks if it has anything to do with his hit and run accident. Hwa-Young tells her she needs to keep her mouth shut, but starts to worry when Hae-Rang realises the whole truth so she offers her a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Si-Wol starts to settle in the Moon household. Joon-Ik and Tae-Rang seem to have accepted him but Pa-Rang is having trouble with it. At the same time, Cheong-Ah heads to Si-Wol’s place to bring him some food. She is surprised to find Hae-Rang, who asks her why she came to her brother’s flat. Cheong-Ah replies that they are friends but Hae-Rang is not convinced and asks why she and her boyfriend keep helping him so much. She doesn’t wait for an answer as Hwa-Young texts her saying she has the money she wanted.

Hwa-Young arrives to pick up Hae-Rang with the money, but the latter tells her she was just testing her and wants to apologise and make things right for Si-Wol if he’s not guilty. She threatens her as she knows things and is not afraid to talk.

Yu-Ra packs up her things at work and speaks to her colleagues, before paying her respects to Mrs Park’s remains. She tells her how sorry she is and asks that she forgive her son. As she leaves, Cheong- Ah arrives too and talks about Joon-Hwi. Yu-Ra finally apologies to Cheong-Ah as she knows she was a victim and asks if she will go with Joon-Hwi to London. She tells her she doesn’t want him to be alone and asks her to take care of him.

Joon-Hwi is looking to buy a ring for Cheong-Ah while the latter returns home and asks her mother how she would feel if she moved abroad. She’s taken aback and wonders what she will do for work if she were to move.

In the evening, Jin-Woo decides to confront Tae-Rang about his relationship with Seol-Ah after seeing them together. They start drinking and discuss who Seol actually likes or cares about the most. Tae-Rang seems to think it would be Jin-Woo so he reveals what Seol-Ah said about his mum and her family.

He explains that he can’t abandon his mum as his dad left them and promised himself when he was 9 he would stay with her. Jin-Woo collapses in a drunken stupor but Tae-Rang carries on talking, saying that he is the only one who doesn’t know that Seol-Ah thinks of him every day.

After she receives a picture from Tae-Rang, Seol-Ah heads to his restaurant to check on her plant. Tae-Rang leaves the two of them together as he explains that Jin-Woo keeps talking about her, just as she does about him.

Later on, Cheong-Ah returns to work as she has just been reinstated. Her colleagues congratulate her but she can’t help thinking of what Jin-Woo has asked her to do. One of first calls she gets in the day is about an assault case on a middle-school girl. Thinking of Yong-Si, Cheong-Ah rushes over with her colleague. They find Yong-Si on the floor full of bruises and cuts with no shoes. Unfortunately as soon as she turns around, Yong-Si runs away.

Si-Wol returns to his flat to give his sister the food that Tae-Rang made. Realising that Cheong-Ah came, Si-Wol tells her sister that she should have called him. Hae-Rang sees that her brother likes her so she tells him to give up as she has a boyfriend who’s better than him. She tells him everything she found out and pieced together regarding Yu-Ra, Cheong-Ah and Joon-Gyeom and reveals that they don’t really have his best interests at heart.

While Si-Wol rides on his bike, Joon-Hwi drives to pick up Cheong at work with roses and walks towards her as the episode ends.

The finale is just around the corner and Hae-Rang is not ready to give up as she has practically guessed the whole truth. Determined to let it all out, she tells her brother what she knows, who seems truly hurt by the revelation, especially knowing that Cheong-Ah is involved. This was quite heartbreaking to see and as he’s probably on his way to see Cheong-Ah, it promises to be very dramatic indeed.

On a slightly happier note, it looks like Seol-Ah is starting to realise that she still likes Jin-Woo. Tae-Rang helps her see this too which is quite sad for him. Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi will face one last big hurdle in the next episode just as everything and everyone is coming together for a dramatic climax.

It also seems that Hae-Rang finding out and telling the truth will probably keep Joon-Hwi in Seoul, as the big secret will be out before Yu-Ra waits for him to leave for London.

Next week is the finale and I will certainly be counting the days to see the conclusion of this great drama, hoping to see our favourite characters getting the happy ending they deserve.

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