Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 93 & 94 Recap and Review

The Birthdays

It is now Joon-Hwi’s turn to face a dilemma; his mother is finally ready to make things right for everyone but as she wants to protect her son, she almost forces him to move away. This in turn might put his relationship with Cheong-Ah under more pressure, just as things were starting to ease up for the two. With just a few episodes remaining, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is building the tension nicely as it heads towards the climactic ending, which I’m sure will be very emotional.

We pick up where we left off with Yu-Ra at the charnel house while Cheong-ah and Joon-Hwi carry on with their date. Joon-Hwi gets a little sad when he sees two kids playing basketball, as he reminds him of his brother. Meanwhile, Hwa-Young gets angry when she sees herself in the news. Joon-Hwi returns home and sadly looks through his things while thinking about Seol-Ah.

In the evening, the Kim family is having dinner in a restaurant for Young-Woong’s birthday. Yeon-Ah decides to call Jin-Woo to ask him to come too. Cheong-Ah then joins them after leaving Joon-Hwi, but is surprised to see the latter come in to as he wants to celebrate Young-Woong’s birthday with them. Jin-Woo arrives too and as he looks at them through the window, he decides to walk away.

The celebrations get underway with great gifts from the girls and some touching moments from Young-Woong to his daughters.

Joon-Hwi returns home to his mother, who tells him she has been to the charnel house and finally admits to what she did in detail after Joon-Gyeom hit the old lady. He then asks her if she will finally tell the truth. She tells him she doesn’t care about herself but worries about how this will affect him, so she decides to step down as Chief Of Justice.

The news of her sister stepping down reaches Hwa-Young who decides to go and see her. As she steps into her car, she’s shocked to see Si-Wol driving it. He confronts her about the reason why she had him fired and tried to send him in prison. She tells him there’s no reason so he decides that Hae-Rang might know why. Hwa-Young reveals that there is no use speaking to his sister as she had an affair with her son and is now left with nothing but fury.

Jin-Woo calls Hae-Rang and asks her to meet him in his office. As soon as she comes in, he fires her. She asks him if it is because she bullied Cheong-Ah, to which so he replies that he would have fired her even if she had bullied someone else. She tries to protest and reminds him of some memories they share. He then goes on to call her the biggest mistake of his life.

As he steps out, he is surprised to see Si-Wol there, who has been listening to the whole conversation. He tells him he shouldn’t have been so harsh with her as she wasn’t alone in the affair. As the three come to blows, Jin-Woo tries to get Si-Wol to punch him but he surprisingly walks away with his sister.

Si-Wol takes his sister to his flat and berates her for how she has been acting in her life and towards her kind family. At the same time, Joon-Ik looks at the DNA results and sees that Hae-Rang and Si-Wol are indeed siblings. Pa-Rang comes into his room with some good news, as he just enrolled at uni before Si-Wol comes knocking on the door. After sending his son away, Joon-Ik reveals that the results shows that they are siblings. Si-Wol tells him that Hae-Rang is staying at his place so he asks to stay in her room for now.

During her radio broadcast, Seol-Ah appears distracted. Jin-Woo is sadly listening to it too just as his mum comes in his room to turn off the stream. He tells her that he has decided to stay single for the rest of his life as Seol-Ah has forgiven him but doesn’t want to choose him because of her. Suddenly though, he decides to go and see Seol-Ah at the station, but when he sees her with Tae-Rang he sadly drives away. Back home, he shocks his mum when he starts cooking and taking the trash out.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ra returns home and tells her son that she has decided to tell Si-Wol the truth. However, she doesn’t want him around and asks him to move back to London as she doesn’t want people to shun him. He tries protesting but she insists and promises to set everything straight once he leaves.

In the morning, Rim arrives in the Kim household with some food and sits with Cheong-Ah to explain how things have improved in Intermarket thanks to Jin-Woo’s new methods. He shows more care to his employees’ wellbeing. Seol-Ah overhears everything and reminisces about Jin-Woo asking her for one final date.

While washing her colleague’s car, Cheong-Ah notices a young girl standing by the station. She decides to follow her and asks if she needs help. The girl is reluctant at first but eventually asks to borrow money. Cheong-Ah takes her to get something to eat and tells her that she will give her the money for now, along with her number for when she is ready to talk. Outside, after giving her the money, Cheong-Ah follows the girl and sees her being bullied. Cheong-Ah manages to discretely get the bullies to leave her alone and films the encounter.

The episode ends with Joon-Hwi picking up Cheong-Ah and as they sit around drinking coffee, he asks her to move with him to London.

We are almost at the end of this drama and what an emotional roller coaster it has been! This latest double-dose of episodes are no exception as we carry on watching the different ups and downs of our characters. The saddest one has got to be Jin-Woo, especially seeing how he has changed and watching him turning back from the restaurant was quite heart breaking. I am really hoping that he will get a happy ending with Seol-Ah, which is something I never thought I would say when I first started watching this drama!

Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi have another hurdle to face as he seems to have decided to move back to London. This looks to be quite the tough decision for him because of his mother. Once again, Yu-Ra decided to do whatever she could to protect her child but I am not convinced this would be the correct solution. With just 6 episodes to go, there are still quite a few things up in the air and while I will be sad to see this drama ending, I am looking forward to seeing how the last few chapters will unfold.

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