Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 87 & 88 Recap and Review

The Suit

The latest episodes of Beautiful Love sees more truths revealed as Si-Wol finally finds out who his sister is. While it was quite a predictable twist, it was still delivered well by the actors and created more drama for our characters to deal with. Si-Wol struggles to keep the information to himself while Yu-Ra keeps on scheming to get her way. All these intertwined stories make this drama quite interesting as we fast reach the end of this epic, soapy drama’s run time.

We begin with a flashback of Joon-Hwi meeting with Yu-Ra’s former driver, who tells him the truth about the past and explains that his mother took his brother away for two months during school time. We then return to the point the last episode left off as Joon-Hwi demands to know the truth about his mother. She brushes it off and tells him that she needs to get ready for her hearing despite Joon-Hwi insisting that she could be the one who could save Si-Wol’s life.

In the Kim household, Jin-Woo feels a little uncomfortable and sad at breakfast when he sees how happy Young-Woong is around him and suggests building another bathroom. As he gets ready for work, he thanks Cheong-Ah for everything she has done and offers to give up her room for now. She also thanks him for making her father happy.

The next morning, Yu-Ra leaves her house and ignores her son. As she steps outside, she is hounded by reporters. In her house, Hwa-Young is watching her sister on TV who refuses to comment on any of the questions asked by the press. At work, Yu-Ra prepares for the questions she might get for the hearing before receiving a call from her sister warning her about Si-Wol and what he may know. Yu-Ra tells her she has been living that way for 10 years so she will settle everything on her terms.

While Jin-Woo takes Young-Woong and Yeon-Ah to work, Tae-Rang discusses Si-Wol with his father and the conversation they had about Hae-Rang. Joon-Ik then decides to call Si-Wol and asks him to come over. After sharing some food together, Joon-Ik finally admits to Si-Wol that he believes Hae-Rang is his twin sister. He tries to rush out to see her but Joon-Ik stops him, asking to do a DNA test to be extra sure as Hae-Rang has been hurt so many times in the past.

In Intermarket, Jin-Woo speaks to his mum about Hae-Rang who tries to defend the girl. Jin-Woo then reveals that she is a school bully and her victim was Cheong-Ah, which is why she tried to commit suicide. In her office, Hwa-Young debates about what to do now she knows what Hae-Rang is like. In the end, she decides to keep her around while she needs her, with the intention of getting rid of her when she doesn’t.

Yu-Ra decides to visit Si-Wol to give him a suit as she wants people to look at him differently. She invites him for dinner and in the car suggests that they both try becoming different peeople. At the same time, Joon-Hwi discusses his mother with Cheong-Ah and whether she will eventually tell the truth.

Yu-Ra takes Si-Wol to a fancy restaurant, which he seems to enjoy. Joon-Hwi happens to also take Cheong-Ah in that same place though and is shocked to find his mother and Si-Wol there. Joon-Hwi approaches the table and asks to join them. During dinner, things are a little awkward between everyone so Si-Wol reveals to Cheong-Ah that he may have found his sister and also asks her when she will give him his case files.

In the Kim household, Seol-Ah receives a text from Jin-Woo, saying he has gone on a business trip and not to worry. At the same time, we see Hae-Rang speaking to Si-Wol’s boss, telling him that his employee is an ex-con. Young-Woong overhears them and defends him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as the boss tells him he is now planning to fire him.

Hae-Rang goes home and is surprised to find Jin-Woo’s room empty. Hwa-Young tells her she can’t stay as Jin-Woo is coming back while Si-Wol arrives at work and is shocked when he finds out that he has been fired. Young-Woong tells him a girl arrived and told his boss he went to prison. This prompts him to head over to Hae-Rang’s house and confront them about it.

He tells Hwa-Young to stop sending people to do her dirty work and to come to him herself next time. She gets angry as he leaves and calls Mr Kim over. As he leaves, he’s antagonized by one of Hwa-Young’s friends in front of the house. This leads him to start fighting, which in turns brings the police over who subsequently arrest him which is where the episode ends.

We have only got 3 weeks left of Beautiful Love and as the show is slowly winding down its different story lines, we should soon get some resolutions for each of these plots. Yu-Ra is still trying to help Si-Wol but is this out of guilt or a plan to get rid of him and her guilt once and for all? We should hopefully find out soon but I am hoping Si-Wol will finally see his luck turn around.

It was also interesting to see Hwa-Young’s reaction when she found out that Hae-Rang was Cheong-Ah’s bully, especially as she is one herself. Still, she is determined to use her just like she does with everyone else, including her family. Hopefully the end of the series will bring some come-uppance for her wicked ways. On the other hand, Hae-Rang still has no idea who her twin brother is and the fact she caused him to be fired should bring its own set of drama to the fold over the remaining weeks.

All these stories are bound to be resolved in dramatic fashion in the weeks to come!

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