Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 85 & 86 Recap and Review

The Haircut

As we approach the climactic ending, the latest episode of Beautiful Love concentrates more on Jin-Woo and Hae-Rang’s story which was a nice change of pace. The former has had quite the journey and developed into a more likeable character while the latter has become the opposite, as we find out just how she has been acting in her life.

We pick up where we left off with Si-Wol giving his sister’s picture to Tae-Rang and asking him to find her. Tae-Rang quickly changes his mind and tells him to keep it as he doesn’t believe they look alike. Tae-Rang heads inside his house to discuss his sister with his father and is shortly followed by Si-Wol who demands to show Joon-Ik the picture. As he looks at it closely, he tells him that it’s not Hae-Rang, which surprises Si-Wol. As he leaves the room, Joon-Ik admits to his son that he lied and that it is indeed Hae-Rang. Tae asks him why he said no but Joon-Ik is not sure and debates whether he should tell Hae-Rang.

Si-Wol returns home and finds Cheong waiting for him with some food as she has been trying to reach him. She refuses to come up to stay warm, so Si-Wol brings her a blanket. She tells him she believes that he didn’t cause the accident but asks him to give her more time before she gives him his case files.

Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi heads to the Kim household to wait for Cheong-Ah. He is surprised to see Jin-Woo coming out though, who explains that he now helps out with chores for the family. Cheong-Ah eventually arrives and they decide to have drinks together, where they discuss Joon-Gyeom and the lessons he taught her.

Hwa-Young wakes up in the morning with a migraine and finds Hae-Rang preparing some medicine. She tells her she heard that Yu-Ra has been nominated chief of justice. Hwa-Young is pleased but knows that she has to make sure the hearing goes well. After breakfast, they drive to Intermarket and are surprised when they see Si-Wol waiting for them. They confront him about his presence but he starts singing a song and asks Hae-Rang if she remembers it. She seems to but they both quickly dismiss him and go inside the building as reporters arrive.

Noticing Si-Wol outside, Tae-Rang decides to invite him in for a chat. He speaks to him about the difficulties of being an orphan and how his family is reluctant to find their relatives. He then suggests that he performs a DNA test but asks him not to tell Hae-Rang for now.

In her office, Yu-Ra is congratulated by her colleagues then followed shortly by her sister.Hwa-Young insists on staying as she is worried about how Si-Wol will affect her appointment. Yu-Ra dismisses her again as she tells her she has a plan. Jin-Woo meanwhile, meets with Mr Choi who tells him that his mum has accrued a lot of followers over the years. He later comes face to face with his mum which results in another stand off between the two about their fight for the company.

In the evening, Young-Woong invites Jin-Woo to get his hair cut with him. There, they bond while washing each other’s hair. After they finish, Young-Woong leaves as Jin-Woo meets Seol-Ah for dinner where he talks about his time in the hairdresser with her dad. They then talk about his upcoming meeting as he is worried about losing and becoming penniless. She tells him that he shouldn’t abandon his family and to make sure he doesn’t regret his decisions.

Meanwhile, Hwa-Young invites herself in to the Kim household. As soon as she steps in the house, she starts acting disrespectfully towards Young-Ae calling her place dirty and her daughter a wench, believing that her son only came to live with them to experience how poor people live. Young-Ae laughs and tells her that he actually has enjoyed helping and even taking out the trash. Hwa-Young has another card up her sleeve though and reveals that Hae-Rang is living with her, which shocks her.

When Seol-Ah and Jin-Woo return home, Young-Ae sends her daughter to the shop so she can confront Jin-Woo about Hae-Rang staying at his place, as she realises this must be the reason why he was so adamant about staying with them. She angrily tells him that they can’t keep hurting Seol-Ah and reveals that Hae-Rang bullied Cheong-Ah which made her almost suicidal so she tells him to move back home tomorrow.

The episode ends with Joon-Hwi finally confronting his mum after what he found out about the accident and asks her if she caused the accident or covered for Joon-Gyeom.

Despite everything he has done in the past, Jin-Woo has definitely turned himself around and has become a much better person as we see him helping around the Kim household and trying his best to get back in everyone’s good books. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him at the end of the episode when Young-Ae demanded that he leaves the house after she found out that Hae-Rang was living with him, especially after he finally started to get his ex-father-in-law’s approval back.

Si-Wol is also slowly showing his softer side, especially around Cheong-Ah who he’s obviously smitten with. I still don’t believe these two will end up together but I am hoping that once he is reunited with his sister, this will give him some happiness in his life and perhaps also help Hae-Rang becoming a nicer person too.

The whole truth behind Yu-Ra’s cover up is nearly out and whether she will lose her job or go to prison over it remains to be seen but in the meantime, Beautiful Love is advancing towards the finale at a decent enough speed with enough development and drama to keep you coming back for more.

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