Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 79 & 80 Recap and Review

The Hearing

Things are finally starting to look up for Cheong-Ah as her family and friends are rallying to her aid while she waits for the results of the disciplinary hearing. She finally gets some good news and her relationship with Joon-Hwi is heading in the right direction. Beautiful Love remains constant and entertaining each week with enough drama, twists and some excellent performances from the actors.

The episode starts as Cheong-Ah gets questioned about her actions in the disciplinary hearing. She explains that she has been repenting since that day as she failed to save Joon-Hwi and decided to be the best police officer so she could save people. Some of the members suggest that she resign quietly after the scandal she caused.

Joon-Ik arrives in the room and explains that she is a good officer, giving examples of all her acts of kindness. He tells them they should find out why she acted that way and how difficult her life was before making any decisions.

After the meeting, Cheong thanks her boss for being there for her. He asks her why she didn’t tell him what his daughter did and wants to apologize for what she had to go through. He suggests apologizing to her parents but she declines and wants to speak to Hae-Rang. He believes that she will get a sanction from the committee because of the public opinion but he’ll make sure she’s not forced to resign.

After Joon-Hwi speaks to Baek about Cheong-Ah’s kindness and selflessness, Joon-Hwi has an idea and heads to her house. He speaks to her mum about all the awards and certificates Cheong received as he believes it could turn the people’s opinions around. Young-Ae helps him find them in her room and as he’s about to leave, Cheong-Ah and Seol-Ah arrive back home. Before leaving, he tells her to make sure she never takes her police uniform off as it looks good on her.

Joon-Ik returns home and speaks to Tae-Rang about his sister. He wonders where she is and thinks she acted that way because of her childhood. We then cut to Hae-Rang walking by herself and coming face to face with Si-Wol. He confronts her about being there but she replies that this is her neighbourhood. Since she didn’t bring her bag with her, she asks if she can borrow any money as she’s hungry. Tae-Rang then arrives looking for her and takes her back home.

Si-Wol heads to see Cheong-Ah to find out about her disciplinary. She tells him she has to wait so he suggests going to see the members if they give her a punishment, ending the conversation by trying to reassure her and telling her she will be fine.

Meanwhile Joon-Hwi speaks to his cousin about contacting one of the suicide victims Cheong-Ah helped in order to get the media to change their stance. Jin-Woo tells him he’s shocked to find out Joon-Gyeom tried to kill himself. Joon-Hwi explains how he found out and regrets not noticing the signs sooner when he was still alive.

In her office, Yu-Ra is deep in thought thinking about the accident and Cheong-Ah getting close to the truth. Her sister surprises her when she comes in and tells her she just had dinner with the members of the disciplinary as she wants to get Cheong-Ah fired. Yu-Ra protests as she wants her to stay out of it but Hwa Young insists because Cheong is responsible for Joon-Gyeom’s death and tells her to concentrate on becoming chief of justice.

Joon-Ik decides to confront his daughter about the bullying she did and tells her he will arrest her as she’s a criminal. He puts handcuffs on her and makes her explain why she bullied Cheong-Ah. She tells him she was jealous of her happiness while she had to watch her mum dying and explains all the torment she inflicted on Cheong. Eventually Tae-Rang tells her to go and not come back.

Hae-Rang decides to head to Hwa-Young’s house with her suitcase to tell her she ran away from home. Hwa-Young offers to let her stay for a few days as she believes it could help her get closer to Jin-Woo. The latter arrives home and has an argument about Hae-Rang staying in the house. This prompts him to pack a suitcase and leave.

Jin-Woo arrives in the Kim household and asks to stays for one day. Seol-Ah protests but Young-Woong actually allows him to as they have asked for his help with Cheong-Ah the day before. As Seol-Ah helps him prepare for bed, he tells her that his heart is fluttering, so she warns him not to come to her room and to leave first thing in the morning.

The next day, the Kim family have a nice breakfast together while chatting. Jin-Woo suggests playing Janggi with Young-Woong, which makes him really happy as they both agree to grant the other a wish if they win. We then see an amusing scene as he’s happy to finally be able to say: “honey, I will see you after work”.

In Intermarket, Tae-Rang reveals to Jin-Woo that his mum is the one who released articles about Cheong-Ah. This prompts him to rush to see Hwa-Young and confront her about it. She admits to it as she believes it was the truth anyway. Jin-Woo is furious about her ruining Cheong-Ah’s life and threatens to cut ties with her.
Back in the Kim household, Yeon-Ah runs to the lounge to show her family a positive article about Cheong-Ah and all the good deeds she did, which was made by Joon-Hwi. This make them all happy as they believe it will make a difference. In her room, Cheong-Ah then gets a call from Joon-Ik and finds out that the committee have only given her one month’s suspension.

She still decides to head to work to help with the cleaning so the other colleagues apologise for being insensitive before. She then sends Joon-Hwi a lovely text full of heart emoticons, which makes him very happy. The episode ends with Joon-Hwi receiving a text from Park Kkeut Sun’s caregiver, asking him to call her in the evening.

Beautiful Love gives us another tense episode as we awaited the result of Cheong-Ah’s disciplinary meeting. Thanks to the kind Joon-Ik and Joon-Hwi’s article, she only gets one month’s suspension and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Joon-Ik has been featured more in the last couple of episodes and Jun Won-Joong has given some great performances in his role so far too. He had quite the difficult task of defending his protegee while having to deal with the heartbreak his daughter has caused.

Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi also had some more touching moments together which should hopefully lead to a happy ending while Jin-Woo is using yet another way to get closer to Seol-Ah. She may be acting a little annoyed but we can see that deep down she’s enjoying it.

Hwa-Young has lost this battle as her articles didn’t get her what she wanted. With her son ready to cut ties, she might finally get her comeuppance and perhaps a well deserved slap too? For now, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life continues to be quite the addictive and enjoyable drama that I would certainly recommend watching.

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