Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 77 & 78 Recap and Review

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The latest episode of Beautiful Love definitely feels like we’re in the final stretch of this epic series. Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah are getting closer to each other with Joon-Hwi doing his best to support her. The articles have rattled our characters and have definitely caused a lot more drama for our main girl too. Fortunately for her, she has a lot of support this time around which was quite touching to see.

We pick where we left off with Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi kissing after telling her he loves her. They sit outside, both looking a lot happier, and discuss what he just told her. He tells her he has opened his heart to her now as they both vow to figure out how to deal with what will happen next.

In the Kim household, Jin-Woo is still trying to make amends with Young-Woong while eating oysters. Upstairs, Seol-Ah tells her mum that there will be a disciplinary hearing for Cheong-Ah, which upsets her. Seol-Ah follows Jin-Woo out and as she’s about to ask him for a favour, they see Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi arriving.

All four decide to have drinks together to discuss the situation. Cheong-Ah tells her sister that even though she’s a mess, Joon-Hwi is willing to be there for her nonetheless. After we see Joon-Hwi holding her hands, they carry on drinking and Jin-Woo tries his best to show his love to Seol-Ah, leading to some funny scenes from him.

Before going to bed, Cheong-Ah looks at the police report regarding the hit and run accident and finds out that 45 cars were searched. The next day, she decides to confront Yu-Ra and asks her first-hand if Joon-Gyeom was the one responsible for the hit and run. However, Yu-Ra becomes outraged by the question, asking her if she is trying to ruin her and Joon-Hwi’s life. Cheong-Ah stands her ground though and tells her that the evidence points towards this, especially with her sponsoring Si-Wol.

Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi heads to Goori hospital to find out more about the hit and run victim. He speaks to one of the carers who reveals that her grandson came to visit her, crying his eyes out on more than one occasion.

Yu-Ra decides to meet Si-Wol at his place of work regarding his retrial. She tells him she has arranged a meeting with a lawyer when he finishes work. As he heads back in, Young-Woong asks him who the lady was as she looked familiar. Si-Wol tells him who she is, which upsets Young as he would have liked to say hello since her son is dating his daughter.

The next day Joon-Hwi finds out that an article has been published about a police officer who has plotted a suicide but let the other one die. As he rushes out, we see that the police station is now crawling with reporters demanding to interview Cheong-Ah. The latter arrives at the station and is shocked to see the press there. Fortunately, Joon-Hwi arrives too and takes her away.

The news of the article travels to the Kim household and shakes the family up. Young-Ae decides to visit Jin-Woo to see if there is anything he can do about the articles. He’s upset by them too so he promises to do his best to stop them from spreading. We then cut to Hwa-Young, who we find is the one behind releasing the articles. After finding out that her son has deleted them, she orders Hae-Rang to release more.

Joon-Hwi takes Cheong-Ah to a coffee shop. Looking at her phone, she has received multiple messages from the press asking for an interview. Joon-Hwi takes the phone away from her and promises to help get her number changed. He calls her parents to reassure them and promises to look after her. Joon-Hwi then manages to find an apartment for them to hide in and brings her some food. They spend some touching moments together, talking and lying next to each other in bed hugging.

In the middle of the night, Joon-Hwi realises that Cheong-Ah is not next to him. He finds her outside on the phone to Joon-Ik, who told her that the disciplinary meeting has been moved to the next day. She tells him that, thanks to him, she feels a lot stronger then decides to head back home. All her family are relieved to see her but they worry when they find out about the disciplinary meeting.

Jin-Woo calls Mr Cha to find out why there are still articles out there while Joon-Ik discusses the situation with his children. This makes Hae-Rang very uncomfortable and ends up going into her room. She leaves her phone on the table and as it rings, Tae-Rang brings it to his sister. He sees a reporter’s message asking if she still wants more articles to be published. He confronts her about it but before she can say anything, Joon-Ik arrives, demanding to know what’s happening. She uses that opportunity to leave the house but comes face to face with Seol-Ah.

The meeting is upon us and we see that the opinions are divided by all the members. Some want to get Cheong-Ah dismissed while others want to get all the facts before reaching any harsh decisions.

At the same time, Joon-Ik comes out of his house and overhears the two women arguing over Hae-Rang, bullying Cheong-Ah and being responsible for her attempted suicide. He bows and apologises to Seol-Ah and promises to scold Hae-Rang for what she did. After Seol leaves, Joon-Ik slaps his daughter. The episode ends as Cheong-Ah is summoned into the meeting.

With just a little over a month left, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life ends this episode with quite the cliffhanger as it gave us another very explosive and dramatic chapter. The news regarding Cheong-Ah’s suicide is out but has been smeared all over the press thanks to Hwa-Young and Hae-Rang, who have managed to spin the story to make her look like the guilty one. This has caused a lot of pain for everyone and she faces dismissal from her job too.

Thankfully, Joon-Hwi has been there for her as well as her family. Their support is really heart warming and I’m hoping to see if she will finally be happy and free of all that pain and guilt.

I’m glad Joon-Ik finally knows the truth about his daughter and she certainly deserved that slap. There has been quite a few in the series so far but this was the most satisfying. What he will decide to do next with her will be quite interesting as he has always been the kind and fair character up until now. I can imagine that the next few weeks will be just as dramatic as we reach the conclusion of this weekend drama but in the meantime, this week’s episodes are another engaging and enjoyable one.

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