Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 73 & 74 Recap and Review

Yu-Ra’s Transformation

The last few weeks of Beautiful Love have certainly showed us a different side to Yu-Ra. She started as a caring and grieving mother but has now become quite the selfish and hurtful character, ready to do anything to get her way; a trait she shares with her sister. So far, the show has managed to give us some great characterisation throughout which definitely helps the drama stay fresh and engaging during its 100 episode run time.

We pick up where we left off with Si-Wol asking Joon-Hwi about his mum and the hit and run accident. Hwa-Young is surprised that her sister is involved so Joon-Hwi talks to him in private. Si-Wol explains the circumstances behind the set-up and tells him that one of his cigarette butts were found at the scene. He also tells him that he read his trial statement for the first time and saw Yu-Ra’s name. This surprises Joon-Hwi, who tells him he will speak to his mum and find out what she knows about the case.

In the police station, Joon-Ik watches Cheong-Ah as she looks after an elderly lady with dementia while remembering what he heard Yu-Ra say to her. Joon-Hwi returns home to her mum who confronts him about seeing Cheong-Ah. He tells her he doesn’t want to give up on her and made a mistake when he broke up with her. Yu-Ra blames her again for her son’s death but Joon-Hwi tries reassuring her and promises not to leave. He then mentions the reason why Joon-Gyeom killed himself and asks her if she used Si-Wol to take the blame for something he didn’t commit.

After helping an old lady with dementia, Joon-Ik speaks to Cheong-Ah about what she has been going through during the past 10 years. She tells him she’s not sure she has been making the right choices in life but he promises to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble if charges were brought against her.

Si-Wol arrives at the station and overhears two policemen talking about the argument Yu-Ra had with Cheong-Ah. The latter arrives with Joon-Ik and both are surprised to find Si-Wol there. They head inside to discuss his hit and run case and he mentions that he is also looking for his long lost twin sister.

Yu-Ra looks at old pictures of the accident and we see in a flashback that when she gave her statement to the police, the old lady was still alive. At the same time, Joon-Hwi waits for Cheong outside her house, worrying about her as she’s not returning his calls. She arrives but is not happy that he is here as she has been struggling lately and doesn’t believe they have a future together. She tries to walk away but he follows after her, hugging her while she cries.

In the Kim household, Seol-Ah takes her mum aside to tell her that she spoke to her lawyer. Cheong-Ah cannot be found guilty as the state of limitation has expired. However, Yu-Ra might try to say that Cheong-Ah changed her mind at the last moment and let Joon-Gyeom die by himself, so they make sure they can prove that it was not the case.

The next day, Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang record another radio show together while Jin-Woo listens. Tae-Rang speaks about cooking with a special someone (that is of course Seol-Ah) which frustrates Jin-Woo. They find out that the ratings are on the up though which certainly pleases the producer so Seol-Ah suggests making his segment longer. The producer then suggests that Tae-Rang meet her friend, Song Ye-Won, who’s a news anchor and as he agrees, we see that Seol-Ah is a little jealous.

Jin-Woo meets with his cousin to talk about the upcoming shareholder meeting and reveals that they’ll discuss his potential dismissal. He tells him he needs his help as he’s the biggest shareholder. Joon-Hwi isn’t sure so he suggests hiring a professional manager to run the company. Jin-Woo finds out that the Kim household’s heater is not working so he arranges to have new ones brought to their house. They’re surprised to see him there but Young-Woong thanks him anyway. Jin-Woo tries to make amends to Seol-Ah after the way he acted but she’s still unsure what to think of it all.

Cheong-Ah manages to track down Jang Yoo-Jin, the lawyer in the hit and run case, so she takes Si-Wol with her to go and see him. As they head in, Si-Wol recognises him straight away and confronts the lawyer, as he’s partly the reason his life was ruined. They ask him to look for the file and if he remembers what Yu-Ra said exactly. However, he lies and tells them he doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Ah and Pa-Rang have lunch together and discuss their future. When they realise who their siblings are, they decide to invite them along and ask for their advice. Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang soon arrive and after spending some time with Pa-Rang and Yeon-Ah, they decide to walk together but as he talks about his date, we see that things are still a little tense between them.

Yu-Ra and Hwa-Young meet and discuss Cheong-Ah and Si-Wol again. Hwa-Young asks Yu-Ra what she’s hiding and wonders if there’s a secret she wishes to talk about. However, she warns that any scandal could ruin her chances of becoming chief of justice. The episode ends with Yu-Ra arriving at Si-Wol’s place, telling him that she wants to help get him a trial and clear his name.

The episodes end with an interesting twist; Yu-Ra decides to deal with Si-Wol herself and I’m very curious to see what she’s planning to do with him exactly. Is this a way to make sure no one finds out what she did? This definitely had me intrigued, especially knowing how scheming she can be. As mentioned before, she may have been acting this way to protect her son, but she has definitely gone too far now and is hurting many people in the process.

Cheong-Ah is still struggling with Joon-Hwi too, mainly because of Yu-Ra but thankfully Joon-Ik is on her side and willing to help her if she tries to get her fired from her job. Seol-Ah is also facing a dilemma with both Jin-Woo and Tae-Rang and having witnessed the latter having a date, it seems to have opened her eyes a little and made her realise that she still has feelings for him.

We are getting closer to the finale next month and while I will miss all our characters, I’m looking forward to see just how this drama will end and if both sisters will get their well-deserved happy ending or not.

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