Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 69 & 70 Recap and Review

The Love Triangle

Beautiful Love returns this week as we see Yu-Ra slowly becoming the evil character and almost rivalling with her sister. The show has managed to build her character up quite well so far, especially as she was originally portrayed as a kind and understanding woman. Joon-Hwi is still trying to win Cheong-Ah over just as his cousin is finding it hard to do the same with Seol-Ah.

We begin the episodes with Cheong-Ah reading Si-Wol’s court files and finding out that Yu-Ra gave a statement. This makes her wonder if Joon-Gyeom was the one responsible for the hit and run and Yu-Ra was the one who made Si-Wol take the fall. Joon-Hwi confronts Si-Wol about his constant presence and tells him to leave her in peace. Cheong-Ah finishes her shift and when she comes out, she decides to leave with Joon-Hwi and says goodbye to Si-Wol.

Seol-Ah returns home and finds out from her mother that Yu-Ra knows the truth about her son’s death. Seol-Ah decides that they need to hire an attorney to protect Cheong-Ah, which prompts Young-Ae to call Yu-Ra and arrange a meeting with her. During breakfast, Joon-Hwi tells Cheong-Ah how angry he is, knowing she spent the night with Si-Wol and going on to ask to have all their next meals together.

Yu-Ra calls Young-Ae in the courthouse and makes her wait three hours before starting to speak. Young-Ae admits straight away that she was there that fateful night and explains that Cheong-Ah was asleep, but rushed to try saving Joon-Gyeom from the water when she didn’t see him in the room. However, Yu-Ra tells him that because of her lie, she was never able to know how her son died. Young-Ae defends herself by saying she did it to protect her daughter and explains that she has been suffering ever since, and became a police officer to be able to save others. She begs her to leave her daughter alone but Yu-Ra vows to make them both pay.

At the broadcasting station, Tae-Rang arrives to work with Seol-Ah but remains cold towards her as they get started. Jin-Woo tunes in and is angry to hear who her guest is, especially since she never told him about it. After the show, he quickly rushes over and confronts her about it. Fed up with his behaviour, she tells him to hold back and reminds him of what he did with Hae-Rang.

Later, Jin-Woo drowns his sorrow in a bar and calls Seol-Ah. He tells her that for the first time in his life he’s scared as he doesn’t think he will win her over. She tells him she understands it must be hard but he insists, saying that he is no longer confident knowing that her heart beats for Tae-Rang. After he puts the phone down, he falls asleep and is soon joined by Hae-Rang who promises to take him home. Seol-Ah also arrives in the bar but quickly leaves when she sees the two of them together. With the help of Hwa-Young, Hae-Rang takes him home and insists on staying by his side.

The next day, Jin-Woo wakes up with a hangover and is surprised to find Hae-Rang there, who tells him he made a big mistake the night before. Jin-Woo is left to remember and realises that he called Seol-Ah for 40 minutes.

After her difficult visit with Yu-Ra, Young-Ae finds out she has been chosen as outstanding employee in her company. Yeon-Ah and Cheong-Ah decide to visit their dad at work to tell him the good news. Arriving at the restaurant, Cheong-Ah is surprised to find Si-Wol there, who in turn is surprised to find out his annoying colleague is her father. She later confronts Si-Wol outside about the way he has been treating her dad and demands that he show him more respect. This prompts him to change his ways around Young-Woong when he heads back in.

Si-Wol searches for Yu-Ra on the internet and quickly finds out about the connection between her and Intermarket. He rushes over and comes face to face with Hwa-Young and Hae-Rang. She calls him a scumbag and  calls security before driving off, leaving him with Hae-Rang. She confronts him about his presence but is soon stopped by Joon-Hwi who takes him away.

Both men have coffee together where Si-Wol admits that Cheong-Ah is helping him with his past as someone ruined his life. Joon-Hwi proposes to help him instead and to leave Cheong-Ah alone as he’s also after the truth. Joon-Hwi calls Cheong-Ah before leaving work and leaves a message on her voicemail telling her to eat and sleep well. Si-Wol follows him home on his bike and is surprised when Yu-Ra arrives there too, which is where the episode ends.

Cheong-Ah is getting very close to the truth now as she starts to put all the pieces together. Once the truth is out, we’re bound to see a change of character from Yu-Ra, who has been acting more and more callous towards Cheong-Ah and her mum. Poor Young-Ae begged her but Yu-Ra remained cold. While I understand it’s her grief talking, she’s acting cruel and selfish now that we know what she’s capable off.

We’re also seeing a different side to Si-Wol as he’s starting to fall for Cheong-Ah, which is set to be the second love triangle of the series. I still believe Hae-Rang is his sister as everyone appears to have a connection in Beautiful Love. Just who will get their happy ending remains to be seen but in the meantime, this drama continues to offer up some consistent story lines each week.

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