Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 5 & 6 Recap & Review

Hit And Run

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life returns this week with a slower episode after a dramatic few weeks. While we find out a little more about Joon-Kyum’s dark past, not much else happens to bring the story forward. Still, there are some emotional moments for Cheong-Ah and for that alone, it’ll be interesting to see how she’ll carry that burden with her.

The episode starts where it left off from before, with Yu-Ra arriving at the police station and confronting Cheong-Ah. She wants to know what she’s doing there so late and what she’s hiding. As she starts searching her, Cheong’s mum arrives, begging her to leave her daughter alone. Yu-Ra then speaks to the police and asks them to do an autopsy.

Seol-Ah asks her dad why her mum and sister went to the police station so late. She tells him she knows about the judge’s son who died and heard them talk about the note he left. Her dad vows to make sure no one ever finds out. Cheong-Ah tells her mum she wants to tell the truth as Joon-Kyum’s mum deserves to know what happened to her son. Her mum then takes the note and eats it, erasing any evidence in the process. While Yu-Ra drops them both home, she tells them that she has decided to do an autopsy. She also tells Cheong-Ah that the day she claimed to having met her son, he was in New York with her.

The next day, Cheong-Ah asks her husband not to tell Seol-Ah anything. Realizing she already knows, he quickly speaks to his older daughter and tells her to act clueless. Meanwhile, Jin-Woo and his mum find out about the death of Joon-Kyum. They decide to visit Yu-Ra to pay their respects, where her sister vows to take care of the funeral for her. Yu-Ra tells them that she wants to perform an autopsy which confuses them due to the circumstances. Qualming suspicion, she replies she wants to make sure Cheong-Ah has been telling the truth.

Seol-Ah tells her family she’s going to church in Apgujeong because important people go there and she’s hoping to find her future husband. The police arrive to check Cheong-Ah’s room but Seol-Ah stops them as they need a warrant. Jin Woo and Hwa Young talk about Yu-Ra and her sons and after reading an article bad mouthing Joon-Kyum, they decide to talk to the press themselves.

Seol-Ah confronts her mum about hiding Cheong’s phone to make sure no one finds out the truth about the suicide and her daughter’s part in it. Seol-Ah tells her that the police will be able to retrieve texts from the phone company but explains that people will be too busy talking about Joon-Kyum being a hero as he comes from an important family. This prompts her to ask her friend to write an article about it before she delivers the news the next day.

Jin-Woo meets with a journalist to discuss what’s happened to his cousin, however he hints at researching the facts first. While handing leaflets outside the church, Seol-Ah receives a call from the clothes shop telling her that they are offering her a wardrobe sponsorship. As she leaves, Jin Woo is outside waiting for her and offers to help with her bags. She rejects him but he doesn’t give up, subsequently following her onto the bus. We then flashback to her meeting with a lady from the church about different potential husbands.

Hwa-Young asks Yu-Ra if she really thinks doing an autopsy is a good idea as the journalists will have a field day with that story. We then see a flashback to when Yu-Ra found her son in the garage with a bloody cloth, telling her he hit someone. Panicking, he tells his mum about the hit and run, asking what he should do. She tells him to leave, before wiping all the blood from his car. After reliving this painful memory, Yu-Ra calls the detective to cancel the autopsy.

Cheong-Ah’s mum speaks to her daughter about what her sister said regarding the police being able to contact the phone company. Cheong-Ah replies that she should hand herself in. En-route to the police station, they find out that there’ll be no autopsy and that the case will be closed. The detective explains to Cheong-Ah and her mum that Yu-ra has decided not to search her phone and to hold the funeral quietly.

Waiting for the bus, Cheong apologises to her mother as she now realizes how her leaving would have affected everyone else. As they hug and discuss Joon-Kyum, they decide to shelter his mum from the pain of knowing he killed himself where we leave the episode hanging in the balance.

The latest episode of Beautiful Love continues to mainly concentrate on Joon-Kyum’s suicide story. With his mum having decided against the autopsy and the search of Cheong’s phone, it’ll be quite interesting to see if any more development will come in the following episodes around this. With a glacial pacing, Joon-Kyum’s hit and run was ultimately the only stand out moment and seeing his judge mum covering it up was certainly interesting, showing that she’s perhaps not quite as fair a judge as she claims to be.

Cheong-Ah has had a very difficult life so far too while her sister has had more luck which shows an interesting dynamic between them. With Jin-Woo currently after Seol-Ah and Cheong-Ah ready to turn her life around, there’s certainly breathing room for the show to grow and quite what Beautiful Love will have in store for both of them remains to be seen.


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