Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 51 & 52 Recap and Review

The Winter Sea

The mystery surrounding the delivery driver deepens in this episode with hints that he may be linked to the hit and run accident. This definitely gives an interesting edge to the show while we follow the adventures of all our characters unfold. Seol-Ah has trouble shaking Jin-Woo off while Cheong-Ah finally gets her kiss with Joon-Hwi; this was a touching moment that has been building up for a while.

The episode starts with a conversation between Young-Ae and Joon-Hwi as she tells him she’s glad he stayed over. She asks him to look after Cheong-Ah as she has worked very hard for the last ten years. Seol-Ah arrives home to Joon-Hwi and confronts him straight away. She wants him to stop seeing his sister but he tells her he’ll carry on seeing her untill her birthday as promised.

Yu-Ra drives Cheong-Ah back home and the latter tells her it would be best if her mother didn’t see them. This prompts¬† Yu-Ra to tell her they need to stop seeing each other and Cheong-Ah tearfully agrees, thanking her for everything. Walking home, Cheong-Ah sees Joon-Hwi waiting for her to have a chat. However their conversation ends badly when he sees her wear his brother’s watch and demands that she removes it, eventually leading her to storm out.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ra looks at an article about an unlicensed driver hitting an 80 year old woman while remembering her encounter with the delivery driver. Going into her living room, she sees her son waiting for her and confronts her about giving Joon-Gyeom’s watch to Cheong-Ah. On his way out, Jin-Woo has some harsh words for Hae-Rang who arrives to bring flowers for his mother. Hwa-Young then vents her frustration about Seol-Ah being on TV and vows to pitch her and Jin-Woo against each other.

Jin-Woo heads to the channel to give some designer clothes to Seol-Ah, which angers her as she refuses to wear anything he’s bought. After trying to force her into a hug, she threatens to kill him if he does it again, while Tae-Rang admits to his dad that it’s Seol-Ah that he likes.

Seol-Ah receives a lot of positive feedback from her performance on the show so the producer offers her a regular spot. Heading out, she gets into a taxi not knowing that Jin-Woo is hiding inside. As they start driving, he surprises her but quickly ignores him and calls Tae-Rang.¬†At the restaurant, Seol-Ah arrives and complains about Jin-Woo coming to the station. Remembering the different conversations he had about Seol-Ah, Tae-Rang suggests that they take time apart from each other as he believes he might not be doing her any good. She insists that he has had a positive influence on her but he replies that he doesn’t want to interfere between her and Jin-Woo breaking up properly.

Jin-Woo calls his assistant and asks him to call the station’s director to have Seol fired and to make sure she doesn’t get cast in other shows. Meanwhile we see Yu-Ra visiting the deliver driver’s place of work. After seeing him, she heads back home and reminisces about the day Joon-Gyeom came back from having hit an old lady.

Hwa-Young and Jin-Woo head to Yu-Ra’s house for their father and Joon-Gyeom’s memorial celebration. Hwa Young despairs that both her son and nephew don’t have any children and hopes that Joon-Hwi will have a better wife than her son did. Yu-Ra quickly comes to Seol’s defence and claims how brave she has been all these years without a family behind her. She then tells his son not to worry and that she will be happy with whoever he decides to marry but to make sure he lets her see her first.

Joon-Hwi finally calls Cheong-Ah and tells her he will pick her up at 8am to go to the winter sea. As soon as they arrive, Cheong-Ah happily runs towards the sea, where Joon-Hwi takes her for a ride on a quad bike. As the night arrives, they spend some nice moments eating and drinking. We then close the episode with Joon-Hwi getting up and finally kissing Cheong-Ah.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life’s last episode of the year gives us more clues regarding the events of that fateful night when Joon-Gyeom hit an old lady. Putting all the pieces together, it looks like this young delivery driver was probably set up to take the fall for what Joon-Gyeom did and it seems to have been orchestrated by Yu-Ra. Ready to do anything for her son, it looks like she went against her beliefs and potentially framed an innocent boy. Unbeknownst to her though, it seems that the burden was too big for her son which lead to his suicide. However, the truth will eventually come out and this will be quite tough for her to deal with.

We carry on witnessing Joon-Hwi’s determination to win Seol-Ah back too and while he hasn’t managed so far, it looks like he has changed tactics by having her fired from the show. Just what he’s planning to do next is a bit unclear but one thing for sure, he seems to have more than one card up his sleeve. On a slightly happier note, Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi have finally shared their first kiss which ended a perfect day for the couple. However, this happiness might just be short-lived as he has been planning to end it just after her birthday.

Whether he will have the courage to do this remains to be seen but in the meantime, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is ending the year on a happy note.

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