Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 49 & 50 Recap and Review

The Dog Bite

We’re already at the halfway point of Beautiful Love, Wonderful life and after a shaky start, the drama has managed to remain consistent, offering up some decent storylines and bringing new developments every week. With so many episodes, the show has managed to build up the characters quite well so far.

We begin with Jin-Woo overhearing the conversation his mum has been having with Seol-Ah. Touched by her words, he apologises for being so selfish and tells her he can’t live without her. Jin-Woo follows her out and they talk about his affair. She asks him why he did it and wants to know what he would have done if he didn’t have the accident.

Returning home, Jin-Woo tells his mum to stay out of his life as he hasn’t given up on Seol Ah, telling her to leave his in-laws alone, while Seol-Ah comes home to find her sister hanging a picture from the exhibition. She warns her sister not to get attached too quickly in case they break up, but Cheong-Ah replies that she really likes him and can’t think of anything that would make her change her mind.

While Joon-Hwi deliberates over how to reply to Cheong-Ah’s text, he overhears Rim speaking to her on the phone, which make him a little jealous. In the evening, Joon-Hwi takes Cheong-Ah to a book store for their date but she soon gets tired and bored as he doesn’t pay any attention to her. However, as they decide to stop to get some food, they share a touching moment where he asks her about the first day they met on the train. She explains she was bullied by her best friend in school and was going through some very tough times back then.

Seol-Ah heads to her reporter’s audition and as she does, the other women start gossiping about her. When her turn arrives, she is told she will not get the job because Intermarket is their sponsor and they’re worried that they would lose it. News of her audition reaches Jin-Woo who doesn’t understand why she is trying to be a reporter again.

A disappointed Seol-Ah heads to see Tae-Rang in his restaurant to rant about her interview and despairs over ever finding another job as a reporter. He then comforts her by giving her a drink and playing some board games. Later that night, Joon-Ik speaks to Cheong-Ah about the difficulties he’s currently having with his daughter and explains that her mother died of cancer when she was in 10th grade. Was this the reason she started to bully to Cheong?

As they return to the station, Hae-Rang is there, bringing treats to the other policemen just as both girls come face to face. Outside the station, Hae-Rang begs Cheong-Ah not to say anything to his dad about what she did. Cheong tells her she wants nothing to do with her and to never come back.

Seol’s luck is finally changing when she gets asked to cover for the main anchor at the morning live show, while Hae-Rang tells her father that the woman Tae-Rang is seeing is a divorcee. The latter gets a call from a nervous Seol-Ah asking to come and help her but remembering Jin-Woo’s words, he tells her he is unable to make it. When she reaches her seat and looks towards the camera, she’s pleased to see Tae looking at her.

After reminiscing about their last date, Joon-Hwi calls Cheong-Ah but another policeman answers her phone, telling him that she has been in an accident. This prompts him to rush to her house. As he arrives, he finds out that she isn’t home and she only got bitten by a dog. Seeing him so worried pleases her mum and tells him to stay until she gets back.

On her way to meet Cheong-Ah, Yu-Ra bumps into a delivery driver and is shocked as she sees his face. However, she doesn’t say anything and heads to Cheong-Ah’s table instead to have dinner with her. The episode ends with Cheong-Ah returning home while Joon-Hwi awaits her.

Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi are certainly getting more serious with each other as we see them spend a touching and emotional moment together, reminiscing about that fateful day. If Joon-Hwi is still set on breaking up with her, this will be even harder for him, especially given how attached he is with her.

Seol-Ah is back in front of the cameras too as her luck finally starts to turn but was it her ex-husband who helped her get there? Determined to win her back, he’s ready to pull all the stops to get his way which spells trouble for Tae-Rang, especially as his sister is also set to break the couple up.

These episodes also brought a new mystery to the fold with the delivery driver, who Yu-Ra seemed so shocked to see. Is he linked to her son and the day he ran someone over? There are definitely more secrets to be revealed in Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and with another 50 episodes to go, there’s also plenty of time for us to discover them.

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