Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 45 & 46 Recap and Review

The Break-Up

After finally getting some happiness in her life, Cheong-Ah is heading for more heartache in the latest episode of Beautiful love, Wonderful Life. We also see Joon-Hwi torn during most of the hour as he debates what to do with his newfound love. This was quite emotional to watch and promises to give us more dramatic chapters for the next few weeks.

We begin where we left off with Joon-Hwi confronting his cousin about inviting him to dinner. However, Jin Woo explains that it was actually Young-Woong who asked for him to come. His behaviour surprises everyone as they don’t understand why he’s so rude to them. Jin Woo then decides to lie by saying that they actually did know each other as their mothers were close.

In the car, Cheong-Ah speaks to Joon Hwi about his behaviour and complains that she doesn’t know much about him. He tells her she might leave him once she knows everything so he decides to let her ask him one question a day.

Young-Woong and Yeon-Ah carry on questioning Jin-Woo about Joon-Hwi and how their Mothers knew each other. After the meal, Jin-Woo drives them home and as they arrive near the Kim house, Jin Woo sees Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang walking and laughing together. Seol-Ah tells Tae that she has changed and not the person obsessed with money anymore but doesn’t want to get married again. Tae-Rang promises to protect her and take things slow. It’s here that Jin-Woo shows up, demanding to drive Tae-Rang home.

Stopping by the river, Jin-Woo claims that Tae-Rang will have difficulties being accepted by Seol-Ah’s family. Tae-Rang is confident though and replies that all they need is love. This prompts Jin-Woo to say that he will do anything to stop him and suggests settling it with a fight outside but Tae-Rang laughs it off and leaves him there.c

Back home, Yoong-Wong and Yeon-Ah decide to hide the cheque behind a picture frame and are almost caught when Young-Ae comes home. When she finds out they all went to dinner with Jin-Woo she gets angry and tells them that the next time they do, she’ll throw them all out. Seol-Ah then tells his dad to stop seeing Jin-Woo as she will never go back there.

After going upstairs, Cheong-Ah tells Seol-Ah that she has a boyfriend, which surprises her sister. After questioning her, Cheong-Ah tells her that his mum and Jin-Woo’s were close. When Seol-Ah finds out the name of the boyfriend, she’s speechless as she realises the implications. Meanwhile, Jin-Woo speaks to Joon-Hwi about his relationship with Cheong-Ah and what he will do when Seol-Ah finds out. He replies that he has strong feelings for Cheong but will speak to Seol-Ah if she does.

Tae-Rang arrives home where his sister confronts him about seeing Seol-Ah. She tells him to stop seeing her and that she’s determined to marry Jin-Woo. As the discussion becomes more heated, their father walks in and listens behind the door just as Hae-Rang tells her brother she doesn’t feel close to him, probably because they’re not related.

The next morning, Seol-Ah decides to meet with Joon-Hwi to discuss his relationship with her sister. She tells him he needs to stop seeing her as his mother will not accept their relationship. During lunch, Yu-Ra asks her sister why she made Seol-Ah divorce Jin-Woo while he was in a coma. She tells her she didn’t want her to get all their money and mentions that she doesn’t have to worry with Joon-Hwi. However, Yu Ra reveals that her son is actually seeing someone.

Joon-Hwi meets with Jin-Woo to relay his discussion with Seol-Ah and explains that he will have to end things with Cheong-Ah. He then decides to follow her from afar, as she tends to a drunken lady while at work. Just as she is about to walk away, she notices him standing there and is pleasantly surprised. However, he quickly tells her to stay away from him as he doesn’t like her anymore, which is where the episode ends.

Just as things were looking up for one of our main girls, Cheong-Ah is set to go through some difficult times as her bad luck returns with a vengeance. The end of the episode was quite tough to watch as Joon-Hwi makes the decision to break things off. Convinced this is the right thing to do, he lies to her and pretends not to like her anymore. This is bound to bring us some dramatic scenes in the next episodes to come.

Meanwhile, the rivalry continues between Jin-Woo and Tae-Rang as both are determined to win Seol-Ah over. Jin-Woo is slowly manipulating the people around him, including his cousin when he convinces him to break things off with Cheong-Ah. Both couples are still facing quite a lot of hurdles as they look for happiness and love, but while we can expect some happy endings at the conclusion of the series, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life continues being quite the enjoyable drama full of twists and interesting storylines for all our characters.


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