Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 43 & 44 Recap and Review


The rivalry between Tae-Rang and Jin-Woo is now in full swing and this latest episode brings us some very tense moments between the two. Jin-Woo will stop at nothing to get what he wants and now has another tool at his disposal now that he knows about Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi.

We begin the episode itself with Seol-Ah admitting to Tae-Rang that she feels the same way. He then leans in and kisses her forehead tenderly and promises never to hurt her,while Jin-Woo continues to watch the exchange. He storms out his office, throwing everything around and vows not to give up on her, which leads him to burst into the restaurant, insisting on waiting for Seol-Ah after she told him she gave the car back.

Meanwhile, Cheong-Ah falls asleep in Joon-Hwi’s car and suddenly wakes up to find her boyfriend asleep, not knowing that he is actually pretending. As she gets closer, ready to kiss him, he opens his eyes and surprises her. While saying goodbye to each other, Yeon-Ah sees them and calls her parents over and, after a misunderstanding causing the dad to hit him with an umbrella, they invite him in to apologise. While Yeon-Ah questions him about her sister, Young-Ae talks to Cheong-Ah about her feelings for him.

Young-Woong tries to apologise to Joon-Hwi and things get a little uncomfortable for the latter as Yoong talks about his son in-law Jin-Woo and asks if he knows him. Young-Ae then bids him goodbye and tells him to come back so he can meet Cheong-Ah’s older sister. After Joon-Hwi leaves, Yoong-Woong speaks to his wife about him as he believes he won’t make Cheong-Ah happy.

Back in the restaurant, Jin-Woo watches his ex-wife work and argues with Tae-Rang as he thinks he knows Seol-Ah better than him. However, she tells Tae to ignore him and show that she has changed. The rivalry continues though as Jin-Woo and Tae-Rang argue over Seol-Ah and neither refuse to back off. However, Jin-Woo accidentally drops a dish on the floor and cuts his finger as he goes to pick it up. This prompts Seol-Ah to quickly tend to him which doesn’t please Tae.

After Seol-Ah leaves, Jin-Woo taunts Tae-Rang by saying Seol-Ah will always come back to him and will do anything he can to make sure she does. Tae-Rang is not giving up though and asks him what she’s planning to do about his sister who has been there for him this last year. In his office, Jin-Woo tells Hae-Rang that he will have her dismissed as he wants to distance himself from her. Shocked, she reminds him what she has done for him for the past year but as she tries hugging him, he remains stoic.

Meanwhile, Hwa-Young finds out that Joon-Hwi has signed Yeon-Ah for a lot of money and sends her assistant to find out why, considering who her family is. Hae-Rang arrives in her office, ready to tell her about her brother and Seol-Ah, as well as how she believes she’s using him to get back at her. Hwa-Young tells her that they were seeing each other while Jin-Woo was in hospital and tells her that together, they can make Jin-Woo get over Seol-ah by using Tae-Rang.

Jin-Woo continues to butter  his ex-father-in-law up by sending a very big cheque for Yeon-Ah’s contract and inviting him over to his office. As he arrives in the building, Yoong-Woong soon notices Joon-Hwi in the lobby and quickly introduces him as Cheong-Ah’s boyfriend, which shocks Jin-Woo. The latter takes his cousin aside and asks him if it’s true. Joon-Hwi confirms it but also that he’s planning to end it before his mother finds out. He’s not ready to let go yet though as he couldn’t help but fall for her.

In his office, Jin-Woo invites Yoong-Woong, Yeon-Ah and Cheong-Ah out for dinner. As the latter arrives she’s shocked to see Jin-Woo and even more when Joon-Hwi joins them. The episode ends with Joon-Hwi walking towards his cousin, asking him if he thinks what he’s doing is fun to him.

As we fast approach the halfway point of this drama, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life continues to offer up fun and dramatic moments as all our characters’ stories move forward at a decent pace. Each episode gives us plenty of development for each character and I’m looking forward to see what next week will bring.

Jin-Woo is definitely following in his mother’s footsteps though as he manipulates the people around him while Yoong-Woong is his new victim. Unfortunately, this seems to work as the father has always been interested in money more than his own family. After finding out about his cousin and Cheong-Ah, it seems that he will be using this new information to his advantage. However, I’ll be looking forward to see how Joon-Hwi will explain his outbursts to Cheong-Ah and her family. I don’t think the big reveal will be for quite some time yet though but in the meantime, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life remains quite the addictive drama and rewarding if you’ve stuck with this one through the weeks.

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