Beautiful Love, Wonderful life Episode 41 & 42 Recap and Review

Making Kimchi

The latest episode of Beautiful love, Wonderful Life brings us more development in the relationships of our four main protagonists. It’s not smooth sailing for any of them though as they’re still set to go through some hurdles before the hopeful happy ending.

We start the episode where we left off with Hae-Rang witnessing the exchange between her brother and Seol-Ah. After Hae-Rang leaves, shocked at the sight of them both together, Tae-Rang finally admits to liking Seol-Ah and asks her if she still loves Jin-Woo. After holding her hand and asking if she feels anything, Seol-Ah leaves but on her way home, she’s surprised to feel her heart racing.

Back home, Hae-Rang waits for her brother in the kitchen. She confronts him about the woman she saw him and asks who she is. He tells her she’s just a friend that he likes but unfortunately it’s only a one-sided love. During their date, Joon-Hwi makes another mistake when choosing which movie to watch. After buying the tickets, Joon-Hwi recognises Cheong-Ah’s jacket and realises his mum gave it to her. This prompts him to act very distant as he remembers his mother’s words. This inevitably makes Cheong-Ah quite angry as she doesn’t understand his behaviour. She then leaves and tells him not to call her but also mentions she’s free after work the next day.

Hwa-Young tells her son that he should take Hae-Rang in as she has been loving him for over a year now. He tells her he wants to bring Seol-Ah back which shocks Hwa-Young. He insists though as he can’t stand seeing her with someone else. After her radio show, Seol-Ah is surprised by Hae-Rang’s appearance, there to confront her about seeing her brother. There, they wind up fighting.

Jin-Woo heads to the Kim household and drops to his knees, apologising to them. Young-Woong stops him though as his wife isn’t there and invites him in to get drunk while they wait. Later on, Young-Ae and Yeon-Ah are shocked when they come back home and see the two drunk. Cheong also returns home to find her ex-husband laying in her room; she decides to hold his hand to see if she feels anything and discovers that she doesn’t, which she tells him later on.

Back home, Hwa-Young brings breakfast to a very hungover Jin-Woo. She tells him he needs to let Seol go and explains that she was seeing Tae-Rang while he was in a coma. In the evening, Jin-Woo calls his cousin over to discuss the latest events. He tells him that when he married Seol-Ah he knew who she was in relation to Joon-Gyum and didn’t tell them to make sure they weren’t always reminded of him.

At the Kim household, Rim visits Cheong where they talk about her dating Joon-Hwi and Jin-Woo offering him a job as he wants to make sure she would be ok with him working there. Meanwhile at the police station, Joon-Ik congratulates a sad Cheong-Ah as she has just saved a young girl from committing suicide. After a difficult day, she leaves the office and is surprised to find Joon-Hwi waiting for her in his new car that he bought to keep her warm.

In her bedroom, Seol Ah calls Jin-Woo to tell him she will give the car back as she doesn’t need him and plans to properly break up. Angry, he asks her if it’s because of the other man. Seol then decides to drive the car back to the company where she meets Tae-Rang who was about to leave. He then asks her to come help him making kimchi. As he guides her hand over to the vegetables, she tells him she feels the same way and they kiss while Jin-Woo angrily watches on where we leave things hanging in the balance.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has been steadily building its drama for quite some time now; each week bringing us more story and character development. Both couples are slowly getting closer, especially now that Seol-Ah has finally realised that she has feelings for Hae-Rang. However, Jin-Woo is determined not to give up on her and we are slowly seeing a more manipulative side of him, just like his mum, so it will be interesting to see what his next move will be.

Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi had some nice moments too but there’s cracks beginning to form here too, as he winds up torn regarding his mother and late brother. Cheong-Ah is bound to find out who he is soon enough and when she does, who knows how she will react and what will happen to our favourite couple. In the meantime though, I certainly look forward to watch Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life each weekend for my weekly dose of soapy Korean drama. As this one reaches the midway point, we’re bound to crescendo into some confrontations before long.

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