Beautiful Love, Wonderful life Episode 39 & 40 Recap and Review

Walking Too Fast

While things are looking good for Cheong-Ah in her new relationship with Joon-Hwi, her sister is facing some challenges and a difficult decision as we see Jin-Woo determined to win her back. It’s an interesting contrast between the two, adding some depth to an already-intriguing situation.

We begin with Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah walking home hand in hand. As Cheong-Ah looks a little troubled, he asks her if she thinks he’s taking things too fast. She tells him he is, surprising him as he immediately lets go of her hand. However, she explains that she meant that he’s walking too fast. As they say goodbye and agree to meet the next day, Young-Ae watches the interaction, surprised to see them together.

Meanwhile, Jin-Woo insists on driving Seol-Ah home and, feeling that she doesn’t have any choice, agrees to go with him for 10 minutes while Tae-Rang watches them, looking upset. They reach the shoreline and Jin-Woo tells his ex-wife she shouldn’t be friends with a man. She storms out the car and stares at the sea, prompting Tae-Rang to call Seol. Unfortunately, Jin-Woo answers and tells him that Seol-Ah is asleep. After hanging up, they drive back home and are almost seen by Young-Ae.

After leaving Seol-Ah, Jin-Woo realises that she forgot her mobile in his car which prompts him to go to the Kim’s household to bring it back. There, he finally meets Seol-Ah’s dad and tries to make amends with the family. Young-Ae and Seol-Ah return home but Yoong-Woong remains silent about his previous visitor. Seol-Ah confides in Cheong-Ah about Jin-Woo and how he’s still managing to manipulating her. Cheong-Ah explains that she needs to think about whether she still has feelings for Jin-Woo.

At the office, Hae-Rang brings Jin-Woo some lunch before sitting down with her to end things, explaining that he wants his wife back. Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi speaks to his boss about his idea behind the tennis tournament and asks him to sign his proposal. However, his boss is more worried about his potential promotion as senior manager. As it turns out though, Joon-Hwi has been chosen to fill in that position which shocks his colleagues.

Jin-Woo invites Rim into his office to apologise and offers him a job in the company. Rim thanks him and tells him he’ll think about it, while Cheong meets with Yu-Ra. As they talk about their lives, Cheong reveals that she’s now dating someone. Yu-Ra decides to give her a lift to her date and just as she is about to see who Cheong is dating, Yu-Ra gets a call from Young-Ae.

Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi decide to eat chicken by the Han river; a previous dream of hers. As they spend a touching moment together, Joon-Hwi remembers the content of his brother’s letter which mentioned Cheong-Ah. Thinking Joon-Hwi is finally going to kiss her, she gets disappointed when he ends up talking to her about his promotion instead.

Around a cup of coffee, Young-Ae asks Yu-Ra to stop seeing her daughter as she needs to move on. Yu-Ra tells her she understands that she shouldn’t have relied on her so much but also believes she could give her support and help. Young-Ae tells her she doesn’t want anyone else in Cheong’s life knowing about the past, making Yu-Ra think about Cheong-Ah and agreeing, as she also wants her to be happy.

While Tae-Rang becomes quite ill, Hae-Rang tells her mother in law that Jin-Woo wants Seol-Ah back. Hwa-Young is surprised but adamant that she will not let that happen. Seol-Ah decides to head to Tae-Rang’s house as she has been worried about him not answering his calls. He meets her outside and reveals that he is sick because of her. While Seol touches his head, a shocked Hae-Rang watches them as the episode closes.

While Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi’s budding relationship has been really fun to watch evolve up until now, I can’t help feeling that it will be short-lived when Cheong finds out who he really is. I also wonder how both mothers will react when they find out who their children are dating. This promises to be quite dramatic and I’m hoping for a happy ending for the couple.

Jin-Woo on the other hand is acting quite arrogant, believing that Seol-Ah should still be his wife and cunningly lies to Tae-Rang as he speaks to him on the phone. The more we see of his character, the more we see common traiuts with his mother, which probably where he gets his conniving ways from. Poor Tae-Rang is the one who seems to have suffered quite a bit this episode as he has to helplessly witness Seol-Ah and Jin-Woo leave together. She seems quite undecided though despite how her husband has treated her. She will have to make a decision soon though and while the choice she should make is pretty obvious, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is more than likely to throw another spanner in the works.


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