Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 27 & 28 Recap & Review

A Big Twist

Like Melting Me Softly, Beautiful Love, Wonderful life delivers one of its strongest episodes this week, giving us some touching moments but also a shocking revelation for Cheong-Ah and how she’s linked with Hae-Rang. Both sisters are also getting close to Joon-Hwi and Tae-Rang respectively and while it was quite predictable, it has been nicely developed nonetheless.

We begin with the Kim family talking around the table and while the Dad is happy they’re all together, he asks why Seol-Ah is there and if there is anything wrong with her husband. Avoiding the question, Seol-Ah decides to head out with Cheong-Ah instead to get some food for the family. Outside, they have a nice conversation where Cheong tells her sister she had been waiting for her. Back home, Cheong thanks her mum for all the food and reveals that her husband’s secretary has woken up, giving Young-Ae some hope.

As Cheong-Ah gets ready for her night job, Seol-Ah asks her if she’s studying to become a policeman because of Joon-Kyum while Young-Ae finally reveals to her husband the reason why Cheong-Ah wanted to kill herself all those years ago. Shocked by the revelation, he asks why she never told him and replies that Cheong-Ah didn’t want to break his heart a second time. This prompts him to finally have some nice and caring words for his daughter as she leaves to go to work.

Unable to sleep, Seol-Ah decides to go back home but first heads to Cheong-Ah’s work to say goodbye. Cheong-Ah asks for her help to make sure Rim isn’t falsely accused before her sister promises to talk to her mother-in-law to see what she can do.

Seol-Ah returns home where her mother in law is waiting for some answers regarding Tae-Rang’s note she found. After questioning her, Seol-Ah angrily snaps at Hwa-Young, reminding her that it’s her son who has cheated, not her.

As Seol-Ah arrives at hospital, she witnesses Hae-Rang talking to Jin-Woo and begging him to wake up as she loves him. This makes her angry and she confronts her, telling her to leave immediately. A determined Hae-Rang however, tells her that she won’t give in without a fight and tensions flare up as the two fight over him.

While Tae-Rang desperately tries to reach his sister, she speaks to Hwa-Young who wants her to help find out if her son was the victim or assailant. As she leaves, her brother arrives and takes her back to the room where they meet his dad and Seol-Ah, who has decided not to say anything to him in the end.

Tae-Rang follows Seol-Ah and thanks her for not saying anything to his dad. She shrugs, telling him she’s simply keeping her promise and asks him to do the same with his. Just before she leaves, Tae-Rang offers her money.

After finding out that Hae-Rang has accused Rim as the one who caused the crash, she rushes to the hospital. There, she crosses paths with Hae-Rang who recognises her as being one of her school bullies. She heads into Rim’s room and they both try to come up with something to prove his innocence. She calls Joon-Hwi to ask for his help and he replies that he will speak to Joon-Ik as he gave him the USB stick.

Both sisters meet in the hallway and decide to go and speak to Hwa-Young about Rim. As they enter the room, Seol-Ah asks Hae-Rang to leave as they need to discuss a family matter. Hwa-Young replies that she’s almost family until suddenly both girls recognise each other from school but stay silent about their past. We then end the episode with Joon-Ik viewing the dash-cam footage of a witness and confirming that it was Jin-Woo who crashed into Rim’s truck.

While Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has been quite the slow burn so far, this latest instalment has definitely improved the drama with some much-needed pace and character development. The biggest one of course coming from the Kim family reunion. Both Cheong-Ah and Seol-Ah seem to have found a common ground and are slowly building bridges, while their Dad seems to finally be understanding his middle-daughter. Perhaps, he has a heart after all!

I must admit I was quite shocked to see that Hae-Rang used to be Cheong-Ah’s bully. It will be interesting to see where that story goes from here but in the meantime, I am truly hoping for more shocking moments like this one in the weeks to come.

The episode ended with the confirmation that Jin-Woo was indeed the guilty one. However, Joon-Ik faces quite the dilemma here as he will be torn between protecting his daughter and doing the right thing. With the latest dramatic twists, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is certainly becoming more entertaining to watch but whether it carries on that same path or not, remains to be seen.

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