Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 25 & 26 Recap & Review

A Ticking Timebomb

After last week’s cliffhanger, Beautiful Love returns with another dramatic episode, showing us the repercussions from Hae-Rang waking up and how everyone deals with it. The show has one of its best emotional scenes at the end too, as the sisters reunite after many years.

The episode starts with Hae-Rang waking up and grabbing Seol-Ah’s hand, asking if Mr Do is okay. This makes Seol angry and while she walks away in shock, the hospital calls Tae-Rang and he rushes to see his now-conscious sister. This also makes Seol realise that he wasn’t her husband after all. En-route to hher husband, Seol-Ah is met by her mother-in-law who’s angry that Hae-Rang, not her son, woke up so she decides to go and speak to her. Hwa-Young arrives in her room demanding to know the truth about her relationship but she simply replies that her love is one-sided.

Hae-Rang reunites with the rest of her family while Hwa-Young tells Seol-Ah to go home. Outside the hospital, Seol berates Tae-rang about not revealing the truth about his sister. He explains that he felt sorry for her and wanted her to have someone to blame as he couldn’t think of anything else he could have done to help her.

Meanwhile, Young-Woong complains to his wife about not getting enough money for all his chores but she ignores him, leaving him in the kitchen just as Cheong-Ah arrives back home. She tearfully tells them she wants to move back as she has missed them but not happy, her dad tells them that he can’t live with her.  In Tae-Rang’s restaurant, Joon-Ik discusses the accident with his son and who’s responsible. This prompts him to visit Joon-Hwi to retrieve the memory stick as he wants to get to the bottom of things. He also reveals that his daughter is awake and she might have all the answers.

Cheong-Ah and Rim also find out about Hae-Rang which makes them think his innocence should now be proven. As he leaves his room, he comes face to face with Joon-Hwi who explains that Joon-Ik has the video footage. They then discuss Cheong-Ah but he denies being her boyfriend, despite having had plans to ask her out before the crash. After their conversation, they part ways and Cheong-Ah almost comes face to face with Yu-Ra.

Seol-Ah arrives and confronts Hae-Rang when she sees her waiting by the VIP doors. The latter replies that it was Hwa-Young who mentioned that she would be allowed in there. In Jin-Woo’s room, Yu- Ra supports Seol-Ah in her time of need and tells her how much her husband loves her. As his sister returns to her room too, Tae-Rang tells her not to visit him anymore and wants her to apologise to Seol-Ah. As Seol-Ah arrives with food, she overhears Hae-Rang accusing her of marrying Jin-Woo for money. This prompts her to burst into the room, confronting her about the affair before leaving, threatening to tell her dad the truth.

Back in Jin-Woo’s room, Hwa Young comes across a note left from Tae-rang to Seol-Ah, making her wonder what’s happening between the two of them. We then cut to Tae-Rang trying to catch up with Seol-Ah who almost ends up running over a couple. After stopping her from driving, he reveals that all the food he has given her came from her mother and that she cooked something special today as it’s her birthday. This revelation makes her sob uncontrollably as she tells him she wants to go home. When she returns home, an emotional reunion ensues with her parents and her sisters, as she asks for their forgiveness.

Beautiful Love delivers another decent episode this week with some development between Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi. It looks like Cheong’s kindness and fun personality has almost managed to melt Joon’s icy persona too. While this took a while to progress, the evolution of their relationship has been interesting to watch but things are bound to get very dramatic once he finds out who she really is.

Hae-Rang waking up before Jin-Woo was quite clever too as the latter is not really there to explain himself and she’s left to deal with the backlash of the affair. Seol-Ah’s character remains one of the most intriguing in the drama too and always enjoyable to watch.

The end of the episode also brings one of the most emotional scenes to date with the Kim family reunion. Even their dad seemed happy that all three of his daughters are back under the same roof. However, I feel like this is the calm before the storm, especially if Seol-Ah’s in-laws find out that she has been lying all along. Whenever this happens though, it promises to be quite the explosive revelation.


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