Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 17 & 18 Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

This week’s episode of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life brings us some dramatic reunions for the Kim family as Seol-Ah meets her mother after many years while we end the episode with the truth almost coming out to everyone as Young-Ae runs into Yu-Ra.

We pick up where we let off with Cheong-Ah coming face to face with Hwa-Young and remembering the torment she endured with her many years ago. She then removes her face mask and asks her who she is. Not taking any chances, Cheong-Ah decides to run away. Hwa-Young starts questioning Joon-Hwi who reveals she ‘s the girlfriend of the other driver.

Meanwhile, Young-Ae receives the results of her tests: she has benign tumours in her uterus and needs a hysterectomy. As she heads out, she comes face to face with her daughter Seol-Ah who’s angry to see her there and tells her to go away. Her mother leaves but not before sharing some emotional words, telling her not to feel down. Just as she drives away in a taxi, Seol tearfully runs after her and gives her all the money she has.

Hwa-Young speaks to her assistant and decides to pay off Cheong-Ah and gives her a job, in exchange for her being on their side while Joon-Hwi discusses the terms of the repayment with Cheong-Ah. Unfortunately, they fail to reach an agreement, even after he reduces the amount. During visiting hours, Young-Ae follows her daughter into the hospital and is shocked when she sees her caring for her husband, while Joon-Is and Tae-Rang are also there to visit Hae-Rang.

After speaking to his daughter, Young-Woong replaces the real medal with the fake one while Cheong-Ah speaks to the policeman about him finding out about the accident. He tells her that the woman Rim works for mentioned that he falls asleep while working all the time. Not believing him, she calls Rim’s employers who reveals that she has scrapped the truck. Young-Ae returns home and collapses on the floor, exhausted after a very emotional day. As she reflects on the events, she realises that Cheong knew Seol-Ah would be at the hospital when she mentioned visiting Rim.

As Seol-Ah and Joon-Ik leave the hospital, he speaks to her about the kindness her husband has shown his children, including letting his son open a store in the basement of one of his buildings. Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi is still trying to find out the identity of the girl his brother saved. After failing to find anything in the school yearbook, he questions his mother’s maid who reveals that she dropped out of school and moved away. He then asks his mum about his brother’s belongings but she suspiciously tells him that she burned everything a long time ago.

Young-Ae visits her daughter and discusses the accident. Cheong-Ah tells her that it wasn’t Baek-Rim’s fault but Jin-Woo instead. Her mother then begs her not to get involved and to think about her sister’s future as she’s more important. She also warns that if they find out who they are, they will not be able to get away with it.

As Hwa-Young decides to remove the wedding picture from her son’s bedroom wall, she realises that Seol-Ah has taken all his watches and jewellery away. She confronts her and tells her to get a divorce right away as she wants to protect her son’s money. Seol-Ah begs her and promises to put all the jewellery back, but her mother-in-law ignores her plea.

While we see Yu-Ra looking through Joon-Gyum’s belongings, Seol-Ah gets angrier when she recalls her conversation with Joon-Ik about her husband helping Tae-Rang with his store. Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi’s colleagues gossip about their boss’ affair with his secretary. Ignoring them, he presents his boss with Yeon-Ah’s tennis profile as he believes she’s talented and wants to sign her on.

Hwa-Young is unable to find anything about her son and his secretary so she decides to visit her office, where she finally finds a picture of the two of them together. At the same time, Seol-Ah meets with her lawyer to get some legal advice. The lawyer explains that she will not get much if she goes ahead with the divorce and advises her to stay with her husband until he dies. Seol-Ah believes he’ll wake up though and asks her lawyer for help while he’s in a coma.

Cheong-Ah visits Rim who tells her that even though he wasn’t able to attend his interview, she shouldn’t give up and will one day be a great police officer. She also decides that she should visit the accident site. Rim suddenly falls asleep which worries Cheong-Ah as she thinks he may have narcolepsy and could have caused the accident.

Back at the hospital, Young-Ae overhears Hwa-Young cursing about her daughter in law, which makes her realise how Seol-Ah has been treated all these years. The episode closes with Yu-Ra coming face to face with Young-Ae in the hospital.

Beautiful Love gives us another decent episode here with some of the characters finally meeting after many years. This should certainly bring a lot of interesting and dramatic moments to the show going forward. This latest instalment progressed the story quite a bit too, especially with Yu-Ra and Young-Ae meeting in the hospital.

With Joon-Hwi the only one aware of his brother’s suicide, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen with him and Cheong-Ah when he finds out who she is. What makes the show quite intriguing is how all these characters are linked together, especially with Yeon-Ah becoming involved with the company as well.

Beautiful Love may not be the strongest drama out there but with many more episodes still to come, there’s bound to be a lot more drama and twists to make it an enjoyable ride.


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