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After last episode’s cliffhanger ending, both sisters are finally meeting after 9 years and while Cheong-Ah continues to miss the rest of the family, it’s still a dramatic and emotional reunion nonetheless. The show continues to progress at a decent speed too, building up to the day the truth will finally come out.

We start as both sisters come face to face; Cheong-Ah starts the conversation, exclaiming that it’s been 9 years and mentions how much she’s changed. Seol-Ah is not happy to see her though and is shocked to find out she’s friends with the person who put her husband in a coma. Blaming her for ruining things again, she orders her to leave before the rest of the family arrive to see her there. Tae-Rang then shows up with his shocked dad and brother to visit Hae-Rang. When they see her unconscious, they all break down into tears and pray that she’ll come back.

Yu-Ra arrives in Hwa-Young’s house and bursts into tears when she sees her sister. After calming down, Hwa-Young tells them that the police are sure that the accident was the other driver’s fault. Joon-Hwi explains that it can’t be that easy and tells her to speak to the police again. This angers her as she feels that he’s ordering her around and complains that she hasn’t seen him in years. Yu-Ra ends the conversation by asking Hwa-Young to be nice to Seol-Ah as she will have no one else to console her.

Back in her dorm room, Cheong-Ah asks Joon-Gyeom for help as she doesn’t know if she should carry on visiting Rim. Suddenly, a book falls from her shelf with a highlighted phrase in it, immediately prompting her to take it as a sign from him. Both Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang end up at the hospital in the middle of the night and decide to go out for food as she hasn’t slept or eaten in two days. Here, they get to know each other a little, where she tells him she has no family or friends. Suddenly, Jin Woo has a seizure while Young-Woong contemplates selling his daughter’s medal.

As his wife arrives home, he complains again about the invitation she ripped off. Young-Ae then worries that Seol-Ah hasn’t posted anything on social media for a few days while Cheong-Ah arrives to have breakfast, where her dad starts shouting at her as she still hasn’t found a job. He tells her to get a cleaning job so he can get money from her too.

We then cut to Young-Woong going into a shop to get his daughter’s medal replicated while Young-Ae holds her stomach in pain. During breakfast, she tells her daughter she wants to visit Baek-Rim but, remembering her sister’s words, convinces her mum not to. Waking up in the chapel next to Tae-Rang, Seol-Ah is shocked when she sees the time. She rushes over to her husband but when she bumps into Hwa-Young, the latter slaps her in front of Yu-Ra and Joon-Hwi.  Seol-Ah lies about where she was and tells her she went to a sauna and fell asleep after having a shower.

At school, Pae-Rang is about to approach Yeon-Ae when her coach arrives, asking why she quit tennis. She tells him that she doesn’t have talent and doesn’t find it fun anymore. Pae-Rang suddenly speaks up and tell them it’s not true. When the coach leaves, he tells her to carry on playing and makes her listen to the recording he did when she was playing.

Back at the office, Joon-Hwi’s boss gives him a hard time about the damage to the camera. He’s not happy with the repayment agreement but Joon-Hwi tries to defend Cheong as it wasn’t all her fault. Unfortunately his boss doesn’t listen and wants him to pay up. Cheong-Ah visits Baek-Rim to tell him about his sister and explains that she decided to carry on seeing him until she gets caught. She also plans to speak to Hae-Rang’s father as he’s a policeman and thinks she can get his help with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Hwa-Young tells her assistant to transfer all her son’s assets into her name. He replies that it’s against the law to do it without the person’s consent. She tells him to find a way to make it legal while Seol-Ah visits a pawn shop to sell her belongings, as Young-Ae has an appointment with the OBGYN.

While Cheong-Ah is waiting to meet Joon-Hwi, he gets a call from the detective in charge of his brother’s case. When he asks him what he remembers about the girl, he only recalls her school and the class she went to. He meets Cheong in the lobby soon after and as they head upstairs, she comes face to face with Hwa-Young who fortunately doesn’t recognize her as she’s wearing a mask, where we leave the episode.

Hwa-Young and Cheong-Ah’s reveal continues to be teased across the episode and the show is doing a good job building towards this climactic moment. It’ll be interesting to see how close Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah get before he finds out the truth about her and what their relationship will turn out to be. Hopefully, he will forgive her and understand the reason why both herself and her mother hid the truth.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is my first 100 episode drama and with each episode, I’m definitely becoming more invested in the characters and melodrama. Even if the show sometimes feels like an old fashioned soap opera, there’s enough here to make this a real guilty pleasure and worth sticking with for the long-haul.


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