Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 13 & 14 Recap & Review

Bubbling Emotions

Beautiful Love offers up a much better episode this week, picking up the pace and giving us more story development which should lead to a dramatic reveal when everyone finds out who Cheong-Ah is.

We start with Joon-Hwi visiting Kim-Baek at the hospital. He shows him Cheong-Ah in the corner of the room dressed as Mr Lightning and as he takes her away forcibly, she tells him that it was all a misunderstanding and she’s in fact a woman. Just as she’s about to take her mask off to prove it, a sick little kid gets excited to see Mr Lightning. Feeling sorry for him, she puts on a performance and tackles Joon-Hwi to the floor.

We then cut to Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang in the surgeon’s office. The doctor tells them that there’s nothing left to do but wait and that  coma patients usually wake up within 5 weeks. Seol-Ah reassures him that her husband will wake up soon but when the nurse hands them the prolonged life forms and the list of items needed to care for them, Seol gets angry when she sees that her husband will need adult diapers.

Lying in bed, Hwa-Young remembers a conversation she had with her son before he married Seol-Ah. Back in the present, Seol-Ah arrives with juice and porridge for them both. Hwa-Young rejects her again, throws the porridge at Seol-Ah and asks why she’s not doing anything about it. She replies that she’s scared too but Hwa-Young refuses to listen and orders her to stay by her son’s side at all times.

Joon-Hwi receives a call from policeman Joon-Ik who tells him not to give up and keep looking for the suspect in the indecency case. After the call, he finally finds Cheong and drives her to the police station where she finally removes her mask, revealing who she is and what exactly happened that day. They arrive at the station and as she explains everything, Joon-Ik recognises her as the girl who saved the suicidal man on the bridge.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ra has a meeting about her latest case involving an 18 year old girl accusing a 38 year old of rape which resulted in pregnancy. A debate ensues between the lawyers about the situation as some of the victims’ texts she sent the man point towards her lying.

Soon after, we catch up with Hwa-Young in full scheming mode. First with Beak-Rim as she makes the accident look like he was guilty to get him arrested, and secondly transferring all the company’s stocks and shares to her. Joon-Hwi then arrives at the hospital and bumps into Seol-Ah, who tells him that Jin-Woo is still unconscious. He confronts his aunt about not telling the rest of the family, but she explains that she didn’t want to shock her sister.

Cheong-Ah then arrives in Baek-Rim’s room only to find different policemen questioning him and trying to make him admit he fell asleep at the wheel. Suspicious, she asks them about the dash-cam but they conveniently tell her that the memory was full.

Seol-Ah returns home with her mother-in-law who asks her why she hasn’t unlocked Jin-Woo’s phone yet. As Seol-Ah tries to go to her room, Hwa-Young orders her to hand over all her credit cards. She panics, hiding all her jewellery in a bag under her bed and thinking that Hwa-Young is asleep, she heads into her room and decides to reset Jin-Woo’s phone. Unfortunately she’s caught by her mother-in-law who orders her to go to the hospital and stay there.

Tae-Rang arrives home and finally decides to tell his dad and brother about Hae-Rang’s accident, while Cheong-Ah tells Baek-Rim that she’ll go and speak to the guardians of the other victims. As she waits behind the window, she comes face to face with her sister. We then close the episode out with Joon-Hwi telling his mum about her nephew’s accident and both of them deciding to visit him in hospital.

This week’s episode has definitely improved over what we’ve seen before, with the story finally moving forward and picking up some steam. More people are made aware of Jin-Woo’s condition too and the next episode is set to be an explosive one if Yu-Ra reaches the hospital at the same time as Cheong.

Hwa-Young remains the scheming antagonist determined to get her own way while Cheong-Ah is the likable, down-on-her-luck protagonist we’re rooting for the most. Apart from Cheong’s dad, most characters are quite likable and their stories are advancing at a decent pace too which is good. All this, and the constant drama, should be enough to keep you coming back for next week’s episodes.


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