Beautiful Disaster (2023) — Ending Explained: Do Travis and Abby end up together?

Plot Summary

Abby Abernathy leaves Las Vegas and her gambling-addicted father for a fresh start in Sacramento, at Eastern University. There, she meets Travis Maddox, an underground boxer. Abby feels an instant connection with Travis but holds herself back because she knows a relationship with him will fail. After an incident in her dorm room, Abby moves in with her best friend, America Mason.

Coincidentally, Abby ends up having to share a room with Travis who is America’s boyfriend – Shepley Maddox’s cousin. Travis takes Abby home for Thanksgiving and introduces her to his family and his four older brothers. There, Travis learns that Abby is a child prodigy of the poker world and is shocked.

Following this, the two keep denying their feelings for each other until Abby realises she loves Travis. The two hook up and try to see where their relationship is going when Abby gets a call from her father on her birthday. Abby ends up telling him the name of her college with the hope of him showing up to see her.

What happens when Abby goes to Vegas?

Abby is taken to Vegas where her father is held hostage by a loan shark creditor named Benny. Benny gives Abby one night to earn back the $1000 her father owes him. While Abby gets to work, playing poker to win the money back, Travis uses America’s phone to track Abby’s location.

He shows up at the casino to find Abby. Meanwhile, Abby asks Mick to flee to Denver because an old friend of hers confiscated the poker coins she won. Abby’s friend, Jesse, who works as a guard at the Casino tells Abby that he would report her for underage gambling. Worried about losing her chance at a normal life, Abby hands over the coins to Jesse.

How does Abby help Mick?

Abby then goes to see Benny but before that, she calls Mick and tells him to flee to Denver. Back at his office, Benny tells Abby that she would have to start working for him full-time if she wanted to repay the money that Mick owed him.

Abby remembers the life she lived as a gambler and does not wish to go back.  Meanwhile, Travis shows up there and fights Benny’s men, taking Abby with him. The two hook up in a hotel room and profess their love for each other.

How does Travis help Abby flee from Benny?

While Abby sleeps, Travis reads the text on her phone and learns that Benny is still hounding her for the money she owes him. He enters an underground wrestling competition in order to win the money to pay off Abby’s debt.

At the same time, Abby ends up in the hotel parking lot where she overhears Jesse talking to her father – Mick. As it turns out, Mick had orchestrated for Jesse to take the chips from Abby. Abby uses her taser on Jesse, knocking him out.

Abby gets in the car and yells at Mick for throwing her under the bus when she is trying to live a better life. She takes the money she had won at the casino and asks her father to leave her alone.

Do Travis and Abby end up together?

Abby then learns that Travis is fighting a very famous boxer and rushes to the boxing ring. She sees Travis being brutally beaten up by the boxer. Abby jumps towards the ring and hits Travis’ opponent with a chair, knocking him out.

She then tells Travis that she has already collected the money she owes Benny and takes him out of the ring. The two make it back to the hotel room and spend the night together.

How does Beautiful Disaster end?

The next morning, Abby and Travis decide to take the bag of cash to Benny. They ask Shepley to take Travis’ bike back home. In the bag, Travis and Abby find a bottle of alcohol that they end up consuming. The movie ends with Travis and Abby being drunk as they get married in a chapel in Las Vegas under the influence of alcohol.

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