Beastars – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


As we soon learn early on via a flashback, despite Haru’s small stature, she’s actually hooked up with quite a few different animals around school and clearly has a gift for being a bit of a predator. The irony of course, being how big of a prey she really is.

Episode 3 of Beastars begins with Legoshi bolting away as Haru starts to seduce him and eventually calls him a weirdo after he covers her up with a towel.

Meanwhile, Rouis is handed the microphone and allowed to give an inspiring speech to the crowds of animals listening in the school hall. While he does, Kai and Legoshi watch the actors from afar during drama class, as Legoshi goes on to mention how he doesn’t want to be an actor. They talk about secrets and this leads Legoshi to ponder if Rouis has a secret that he’s hiding.

Interestingly, Rouis wants to be a predator but of course he never will be whereas Legoshi is a predator that evidently wants to be a herbivore. He tells Legoshi to bite his hand but he stops himself at the last second, going on to call Rouis a great influence for other animals and subsequently leaving.

Legoshi wanders off alone and contemplates what his life means, realizing he wants to see Haru again. Being with her made him feel like a male and gave him purpose. Could he be falling in love with her?

The play goes ahead that night and Rouis takes centre stage, doing his utmost to turn this into the Rouis-show. We cut frequently to Rouis’ own thoughts that contradict the kind words he’s saying. As the show finishes, Rouis suddenly collapses on the floor in a heap as rapturous applause surrounds him.

There’s a lot of mention here about secrets. Could Rouis’ secret be that he’s the one responsible for killing Tem? It’s certainly some interesting food for thought fbut alongside that, there’s some good point of view shots mixed in with the gorgeous aesthetic to make this a really good looking anime. Quite what the rest of it has in store for us though, remains to be seen.

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