Beastars – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Hotel

Episode 11 of Beastars begins with Jack and the others worrying about Legoshi and looking through his belongings in a bid to try and find clues. As we cut back to the lion’s den, Legoshi continues to fight back against the gang. As his eyes turn red, he lashes out and bites down on the gang leader, ripping his throat out as Haru holds her arm out to him. Legoshi holds her and collapses on the floor. Recovering his strength, Legoshi leaves with Haru while Rouis sneaks in and kills the Lion boss before he can shoot Legoshi in the distance.

In the aftermath of this, Haru and Legoshi sit down and eat together as we see things from Haru’s point of view, declaring this moment to be special…until they find out how much the food bill is.

Afterwards they find a hotel to sleep in but it happens to be one specifically designed for couples. Legoshi contemplates whether to stay outside or not but Haru tells him he’s accomplished a lot that night. Taking a deep breath, he decides to take a chance and sit with her on the end of the bed.

With his heart beating, Legoshi leans forward to kiss her but she tells him to wash his clothes instead. As he takes his shirt off, he holds Haru, just like he did that night in the first episode, as we see both scenes align and mirror one another. Legoshi tells her he’s changed and isn’t anything like he was before.

Only…it turns out Haru knew all this time and suspected he would eat her at some point. However, she was nice to him because they got on so well. She asks him to make a choice – prey or companion – which causes Legoshi to be stuck with the biggest decision of his life to make.

With the fighting over for now and the fate of Rouis left hanging in the balance, Haru and Legoshi are given some crucial time together to develop their characterisation and build up their feelings for one another. The hotel scenes are both intimate and telling, especially as we see things for both parties and with more neon lights bleeding through this time, there’s plenty of decent hand-drawn animation to enjoy here too. Everything is left hanging in the balance for the finale though and quite how this one is likely to end, remains to be seen.

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