Beastars – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review


Episode 10 of Beastars sees Legoshi go it alone and try to find Shisi-Gumi. Most of the cats in the market want nothing to do with him but two in particular send him to the back-alleys where he’s held up at knife-point. He tells them he’s looking for Haru but thankfully Gohin, the Panda from the previous episodes, helps him. It turns out Shisi-Gumi is a criminal organisation run by lions.

As Legoshi scopes out the building, one of the lions holds him up at gunpoint. Fortunately, he can sense Haru on him and it causes the wolf to unleash his inner-beast, turning the gun on the guard and shooting him in the head. Legoshi goes on to tell him Haru is his prey which is a statement that catches him off-guard. Thankfully, Gohin saves the day and together they storm the fortress to try and find Haru.

As he keeps looking, we cut to Haru herself who writes a final farewell letter as silhouetted lights illuminate different parts of her life. Before she can finish however, Legoshi arrives and holds her arm steady. Only, this happens to be her subconscious mind talking and it’s enough for her to hold her own and fight back. The lion however, holds her down and tells her he’s going to humiliate her with all his might.

Just before his teeth chow down on her ears, Legoshi bursts into the room and knocks the lion out, saving Haru from certain death where the episode ends.

With the visual cues and interesting stylistic ticks carrying over from the previous episodes, we finally reach the third act of the tale as we see Legoshi charging into the fortress to save Haru. With some well-shot action and a beautiful montage laid out for Haru through the use of spotlights, Beastars continues to weave its bright visuals with some decent storytelling, ending with a big cliffhanger ready for the next episode.

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