Bearings – The Best Part Of Being Human | Album Review

Track Listing

Don’t Want To Forget About It 
Gone So Gone 
Go Long 
Ocean Dream 
Howie, You’re A Freak
Live Forever Never Die 
I Want To Heal

Intelligent wordplay is a pivotal part of this album. Pop punk sometimes gets a lukewarm reaction regards the usage of creative lyrics, but on this record, Bearings does well to grip the listener with extensive stories on their pain and their crash into love’s bittersweet circle.

Their album – The Best Part About Being Human  – is an electrifying LP worthy of being something more than a bog standard pop-punk record, as it has body and rebellious tendencies.

The band’s ability to create something special stands out incredibly well on this record. They have perfected their style, broken norms and added words that resonate. Beauty isn’t the first thing you might think about when listening on – it rarely appears – but the band uses their pessimistic traits to get their word across. The rhythms and melodies are on point too, with those loud guitar parts increasing the tension, while the harmonies blossom, creating a diverse output.

There are 10 songs on the LP.

‘Don’t Wanna Forget About It’ starts things off loudly. It’s more than a pop punk song as it tells the story of breaking love, and torn optimism. The chorus burns itself into the plot.

‘Go Long’ comes in fast yet again, and those melodies become fierce, pushing the song forward into a louder frequency. The story gains traction, piling on the words with great effect.

‘Slip’ opens slowly until it picks up. The band searches for the right time to lose themselves in the drama. The chorus is infectious, and the song is a true highlight, boasting many melodic traits and a storyline straight from a restless mind.

With this album, Bearings has created a record that fully exerts their talents while breaking their hearts, too. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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