Bayside – The Red EP | Album Review

Track Listing

Strangest Faces
Good Advice
Just Like Home


Bayside is a legendary punk band with melodic underpinnings carrying their trademark sound, and the act always offers poignant lyrics which are not only clever, but also showcase realism.

Fronted by Anthony Raneri, who also plays guitar, the outfit has ascended into being a staple in the New York music scene. Back with The Red EP, the band expand on their sound, pushing it, but not losing the momentum that they’ve already built.

The Red EP has just 3 songs. It’s a small EP that packs a punch though, with driven guitars and heightened percussion. Also, Raneri’s lyrical endeavours have been truly augmented to a higher level even though they have always been intelligent and thought-provoking. On this EP, he describes his life and the strangest places, and these words aren’t pretty or sugar-coated, they’re vivid and insightful.

Raneri is a lyricist with a lot to say, and on this record he lets his mind spill, while the world around him near enough collapses. Hell is mentioned, and hope diminishes, and the collision of love and hate comes into the frame. ‘Strangest Faces’ starts the EP off. The guitar work is priceless and so effective, with Raneri singing at the top of his lungs. He conveys what he sees in the flickering light.

‘Good Advice’ batters in after, and the guitar wonderment keeps on giving, while these lyrics describe the test that life brings. It’s one of the most intelligent songs the band has ever produced. ‘Just Like Home’ is a swansong of measure, and it showcases a dark side as the instrumentals thunder in.

Bayside has shown in 3 songs that they still have the knack of creating memorable moments. The Red EP is a good, honest, portrayal of a broken world and the strangest of places.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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