Bayside – There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive | Album Review

Track List

The Devils
Go To Hell 
How To Ruin Everything 
Good Advice 
Strangest Faces 
Say So Long 
Bad Intentions 
Just Like Home 
I’m So Happy I Could Die 


Bayside doesn’t fully revolutionise punk here, but their style and grace are still intact. The New York band doesn’t crumble under the weight of trying too hard either, as they play what they’re comfortable playing – fast-paced and volatile songs which always have a story attached.  

The act dodges clichés here, managing to form tracks that are all interwoven into the fabric of their output. They don’t need to push the boundaries; they don’t need to be spontaneous, though they still show that they’re equipped and talented, charging for hope in their lives.  

The music is a blend of insightful lyricism bound in glorious riffs, progressive guitar moments and solid structures. The band has always been one for pushing the instrument to full effect, and on their record, There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive, heavy times ensue.  

Opening song, ‘The Devils’ springs open rallying thoughts with riffs that raise hell. Every chime has a place as the band works heavily on creating sparkling choruses. Trouble and hell become a two-sided coin.  

‘Miracle’ has some metal influences as it starts off heavy. The vocals are heightened and the song bursts into an intense stab at rock. Hope burns out, and the whole world seems blurry.  

‘Just Like Home’ is a stellar piece of punk. Those vocals come in slowly, and the lyrics command the page and the atmosphere. The band is in their element, as the sound confirms their rage.  

On this album, Bayside doesn’t break conventions, but their music is still immaculately fresh.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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  1. While it isn’t a BAD album, as a lifelong fan of Bayside I find this to be their weakest album to date.

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