Bartkowiak Ending Explained – Who killed Wiktor?


Bartkowiak Plot Synopsis

Bartkowiak is a Polish thriller that revolves around disgraced MMA fighter Tomek Bartkowiak. After being knocked out during the film’s decent opening prologue, Tomek heads back to his hometown, intent on working in his brother’s nightclub.

When Wiktor is suddenly killed in a car accident, it falls to Tomek to decide the club’s fate. As hungry investors get involved and try to rush through a deal, Tomek realizes there’s foul play involved and sets out to uncover what’s really going on.

Who wants to buy Wiktor’s club?

Tomek has plans to return to the ring and hastily agrees to meet a potential investor for the club. Only, Bartkowiak soon realizes this is a trap when he notices the buyer is none of than the President of Sanstal, the same company whose truck hit Wiktor’s car on the road.

Realizing that this isn’t a mere coincidence, Tomek stays behind to get to the bottom of this mystery.

It turns out Sanstal are in the market for building a prestigious tower, The Wozny Tower, in the old part of the city. In the company’s bid to buy out all the lots of land, Wiktor’s nightclub, Ring Club, just so happens to be standing in their way.

As Tomek continues to investigate, he learns that Sanstal are simple a middle-man for another company, Fieldstar Group Limited.

Who runs Fieldstar Group?

The head of Fieldstar Group happens to be none other than the notorious hitman Rafal Kolodziejczyk. By his side is his nephew Konrad Repec. Repec happens to be Tomek’s rival and there’s certainly no love lost between them.

With their cover soon blown, Kolodziejczyk and his goons show up at the club and try to force Tomek out physically. However, Tomek manages to hold his own and forces them to leave.

This is ultimately the turning point of the story, as Tomek realizes that Kolodziejczyk is the one responsible and behind everything. After decimating Tomek’s ranks with casualties, Bartkowiak fights back.

Does Tomek stop Kolodziejczyk and Repec?

There’s ultimately two fights that end the film. The first, takes place at the club. Bartkowiak kills Repec and snaps his neck. However, Dominika is kidnapped thanks to a botched plan. This forces Bartkowiak to enlist the help of Pawel and Steppy D to help bring her back.

The big fight of the movie converges at Dominika’s boss’ house. At Irek’s place, Tomek saves Dominika and kills Kolodziejczyk, subsequently putting an end to their plight.

How does Bartkowiak end?

We then hastily jump forward three months later. Bartkowiak is back at the ring and teaching youngsters how to fight. He’s taken up his brother’s gloves and seems to be at peace with himself.

Inside the ring, Pawel and Bartkowiak look set to skirmish but instead of trading blows they end up hugging instead. It’s a happy ending all round.

There are a lot of loose ends here that aren’t really explained though, including the fate of Ring club and what happened during those passed three months.

Given Bartkowiak has taken up his gloves again, it seems to hint that he’s sold the club – or at least left it in capable hands. There’s a lot of guesswork here, but in terms of Tomek’s character itself, he’s moved on and is now in a better place than he was at the start of the film.


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