Barry – Season 4 Episode 3 “you’re charming” Recap & Review

you’re charming

We start episode 3 of Barry season 4 with the pleasant news that the sand operation Cristobal masterminded with the Chinese and the Guatemalans has been successful. They bring their first batch of sand to the US with relative ease, parading the cargo truck in. Hank has hired the help of El Toro, a new character introduced in this season. Toro is played by none other than the legendary Guillermo del Toro. The big man has sent his two best men – Chuy Flores and Nestor – for the hit on Barry.

Hank recognizes them from the podcast “Los Amigos Gadgets”, but Toro feels it will not be a problem given they only use their voice and will not be able to be identified. Gene sits with his agent, Tom Passarro, in DA James Buckner’s office. They have a strange conversation where Buckner informs them Barry is being set free for the deal with the FBI.

Gene is instantly worried and vows to go into hiding once Buckner paints a dark picture of ex-military personnel like Barry never stopping the hunt for their targets.

All Buckner asks Gene to do is stick to the story and keep his mouth shut. Tom finds that out the hard way in the car he’s driving. The FBI informs Barry that his information is crucial and that Sally will have to give up her old life completely to join Barry in protection. He is confident she will listen to him.

Lon O’Neill, the Vanity Fair writer, goes to visit Barry. He tells Barry what Gene told him about “Barry’s life.” When Barry senses it could vitiate his deal, he gets really angry and asks Lon to tell Gene to keep his mouth shut.

Sally has started taking Gene’s classes. She apprehensively asks if the students have come because of her viral video. But she instead is surprised by their sympathetic remarks by them and feels more confident to take the class. Lon goes to Jim Moss to get the reaction to Barry’s statement. Jim is stoic at first but when Lon outs Gene to him, Jim decides to talk to Lon. Fuches is insulted by the two guys he wanted to recruit as the Raven in the last episode before Barry did a U-turn.

He calls Hank, who informs him of the hit. He says to Fuches to keep his mouth shut. Batir, Hank’s old Chechen mate, surprises him at the sand operation as he brings with him a message: The Elders have made a new contingent to run their operation in LA. If Hank wants to live, he must stop the sand business and join ranks, or else die.

Gene and Tom clumsily break into Lon’s house, where Lon’s wife soon catches a whiff and recognizes Gene. He distracts her while Tom does the deed. The wife mentions that Lon spoke about visiting the “victim’s father” and Gene’s face instantly goes pale.

Sally shows her expertise in the acting class by bringing out an authentic emotion from a student, Kristen, using the same technique Gene used in season 1. The students are not convinced and Sally gets nervous about it. In the most Barriest of styles, Barry calls Hank and asks him to place a hit on Gene. Barry says he is “looking out” for Hank but he knows Barry is lying. He tries to be reassuring but Hank mentions the Feds and Barry gets intense.

Things get sour really quickly when Hank refuses his request. Gene reaches Jim’s house and confesses he got “stage fever” while talking to Lon. Jim assures Gene “Lon will not be talking for a long time.” No, Lon is not dead but badly beaten up. He does not say a word since he is released; not even to his editor Faye. Kristen is the only student left in the class when Sally returns from the break, and she asks for Sally’s help with the big job she has just booked. She calls Sally “unhinged” but “the only one who has gotten something out of her.”

While watching Rain Man, Fuches has a change of heart. He reports that Barry is going to be killed that day in special housing. No one listens to him and he is taken to solitary. Barry has a meeting with Agent Curtis, who will oversee rehabilitating Barry. While he is talking, Barry notices a nervous agent behind him who keeps looking up. Barry instantly recognizes that the man is there to kill him and the Agents realize he is not one of theirs. The man tries to do it but severs his own fingers.

A gun peeks from the roof above and shoots everyone dead with immense precision, leaving only Barry alive. He is able to shield himself and shoot the assassin dead with a gun lying next to him. When the backup arrives in the room, Barry is gone.

The Episode Review

Woah! Just when we thought Barry was heading for heartbreak and Sally towards redemption, this happens. Episode 3 has blown the story wide open. In the most Barriest of ways, episode 3 ended with a shootout that defies logic and the confines of convention. Where do the writers even get ideas like these? It is quite phenomenal how they have managed to surprise us at every turn of the road till now.

Fuches’ change of heart, Jim’s quietening of Lon, and Gene’s breaking into Lon’s house were something you would only expect to happen in Barry. The episode was still saddled with emotional moments like the intense exchange between Barry and Hank, and Sally’s expertly recreated Cousineau technique.

It is just three episodes and on one hand, this one seems hard to be eclipsed, while on the other hand, there is a gnawing feeling it will be – most likely in the very next episode itself. That is the level Barry operates at. Unbelievable.

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