Barry – Season 3 Episode 6 “710N” Recap & Review


There is no way in hell or heaven that a bullet can take the life of Fuches. The guy’s a cockroach. Something that weak isn’t killing him.

Episode 6 of Barry Season 3 starts with the biker gang leaving him in the desert but he is saved by an unnamed Samaritan who takes him to his house to bandage him up. And guess what? He ends up at a goat farm again. And there’s a beautiful farmer as well. Life has given him that rare second chance.

He takes a call from Janice’s father about her murder. What will he do? He decides to make the right choice this time. But that doesn’t last as he follows “God’s signs” back to the miserable place.

Nguyen mulls the killings in the Monastery and thinks about the probable suspect. He suddenly realizes that it might be someone with great precision and military training.

He visits Chris’ (the marine whom Barry killed after he learned of his secret) widow to discuss Barry. She proposes a dinner – a reunion of sorts – for the vets and rings Barry to inform him of it. He agrees to come. Sally gets an offer to join the writer’s team in a new BanShe project. Although she is reluctant, she agrees when her agent shows her the practicality of accepting the offer.

Gene gets an offer from a wealthy producer to start his own streaming show, The Gene Cousineau Master Class, owing to the Variety piece. And then, for the remaining time in the episode, we are treated to a high-octane chase scene involving Barry and the gang.

Barry just makes it, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies – surprisingly, none because of his intervention – to make the dinner. Despite being late, there is no one else at the party. Just as Barry is starting to read an article on garret Taylor and his Motorcross group, he notices a business card. When he reads Kenneth Goulet, he notices the widow standing menacingly in front of him, watching him eat the poisoned food she served him. “Die, you filthy man” (paraphrased), she says and Barry falls with white foam in his mouth.

The Episode Review

Oh. My. God. ‘Barry’s season three just keeps on delivering better content with every passing episode. While we were moaning about the lack of thrills in the first two episodes, the next four have packed a fizzy punch. The show is clearly and utterly back to the top, where the previous two seasons belonged. Now that Barry is on his own, his remarkable ability to get stuck in life-threatening situations is back. And not surprisingly, the lives of the people he does not touch now have turned golden.

I talked about this phenomenon two episodes back and it is turning out to be true. We have also seen the absurdist realities of the show’s universe come back to life, resembling characters like Ronny and Lily. This time the supernatural humans are the Motorcross gang who want Barry’s neck for a measly $ 1700. The surreal sequence in the last third of the episode reaffirms how creative talent can make anything possible. BeigNets by Mitch is another creation from the episode that adds strength to this element of the storytelling Berg and Hader have fallen back on when things have flattened.

That scene between Sally’s agent Lindsay and the BanShe (Hader’s SNL co-star Vanessa Bayer) executive is pure comedy genius. Hats off to the team and the two actresses for pulling that off ( I don’t even know how with a straight face). It only lasts for a minute or so but evokes the most laughs in the entire episode.

Following the ‘Kleintop’s Used Cars’ scene, it is bewildering how easily ‘Barry’ is able to change gears and latch on to a completely different tone altogether. It ruthlessly pulls you from the fantasy world back to the reality of Barry’s gruesome situation. Till now, he has avoided so much by not knowing about things that have come so dangerously to killing him.

Finally, I think his luck is catching up with him. This is literally what made ‘Barry’ a favorite of mine all those years back and I am glad to report, that it is back at its best. This is also my first five-on-five rating watching over a hundred episodes at TheReviewGeek! “710N” is a watershed moment in the history of the television space and this show. Is it the best episode in its history? Most probably.

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