Barry – Season 3 Episode 2 “Limonada” Recap & Review


The ka-ching idea that Barry had in the final moments of episode 1 turns out to be a terrible one as episode 2 of Barry Season 3 begins. It is so unpragmatic that it seems really unlike Barry. But, that is how human beings react when they’re desperate to make those things right which aren’t in the state anymore to be made right.

His grand idea is to ask Sally to land Gene a part in his show. This way, he can keep Gene occupied and give him a new purpose in life, “a second chance” after Moss.

As Sally refuses the suggestion saying the part has already been cast and Gene is not liked by the producers, Barry bursts out. His reaction is seen by all in the office but no one says anything. He drives up further to a couple of more places where he finds no luck. Hank and Cristobal’s love affair comes to an abrupt end when the former’s father-in-law, Fernando, flies in from Bolivia with his elite army to drive the Chechens out of the city.

Cristobal is able to save the core group of the Chechens, unknown to Fernando, and tells Hank that he can’t be together with him. That would imply too much risk for Hank’s life. Sally’s show is preponed by a significant amount of weeks as another competing network intends to put out a similar thematic show to get ahead of them.

Barry is finally able to get Gene the part after narrating Gene’s story to the casting director.

When he comes to give him the good news, he finds Gene has escaped from the car’s trunk. Barry eventually catches up with him, in fact, reaching his house before him. As Gene pleads to his son to phone the police, Barry invites him on the couch. He threatens to kill Gene’s son and grandson if he does not go along with Barry’s plan.

The Episode Review

The dark and intense side of Barry’s character is found in abundance in this episode. Him trying to become a new person and change for the better is all pleasant until you see this side of his.

The scene with Sally truly was terrifying. It was so viscerally acted out that I do not think anyone except Hader was acting. The episode runs at a smooth pace, nicely touching up on important plot points.

Hank and Cristobal’s heartbreak was tragic to watch and epitomized how much they love each other. Despite not giving too much away, there is a general sense of understanding about what is to come next.

The development of Sally’s storyline is something along the lines of Betty Draper from Mad Men. I find a lot of similarities between the two women and how their character arcs merge at the junction of the toxic personalities of their husbands.

The creators have jolted audiences with a bolt of reality about Barry’s character. Besides the limelight given to his journey of change, he remains a broken man inside.

Such is the complexity of his character, we don’t really know when he is acting and when he isn’t. I guess that is where the magic lies. Gene is sort of becoming Barry’s voodoo doll. He just cannot decide what to do with him, but cannot destroy him either. It will be fun to watch him navigate this part of his life!

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