Barry – Season 3 Episode 1 “Forgiving Jeff” Recap & Review

Forgiving Jeff

After the big reveal at the end of the last season, episode 1 of Barry Season 3 starts off on a nonchalant note. In an empty place, Barry is on a hit job. He has now become a service hire for those wishing to take revenge on another person.

Barry is dealing with a grieving husband who decides to kill his wife’s lover, Jeff. Although he forgives Jeff, Barry shoots them both in their grave as part of the “agreement”.

Sally’s act from the season two finale has been picked up by Lindsay the casting agent. It is now being developed as a television show.

Simultaneously, detectives launch a new police investigation into the events that transpired at the monastery. They also have Detective Moss’ concern at heart. They question Hank, who, to repay Barry’s favor last season, lies to the police. He labels Fuches as a Chechen super agent called “The Ravine” and deems him responsible for the misdoings.

Cristobal and Hank are a couple now. The Chechens continue with their drug operation, craftily beating the police at hiding the trade. Hank is in a great place and turns away Barry when he comes in to ask for a task. He has got bored of the lack of purposeful tasks on Craigslist.

Cousineau is looking at ways to indict Barry. No one seems to listen t0 him. Desperate, he calls Barry into his office under the guise of talking. He brings a gun to the meeting and threatens Barry to give himself up to the police.

When the gun does not work, Barry takes over. He almost kills Gene before having an idea that might just prevent him from keeping a clean conscience and avoiding going to jail.

The Episode Review

It is so bizarre how well ‘Barry’ manages to change the methods shows are written and performed. It has often dumped traditions set in stone to create a compelling and refreshing new language of art. ‘Barry’ somehow always manages to become more than just about its story.

The pressing probe into its titular anti-hero’s frenetic psychological state is brought out in a way that actually puts you right in the middle of his maelstrom.

There’s an intelligent story buildup with minimalist effort in the episode. The central plot now remains focused on how long can Barry keep Gene quiet. His life depends on the same.

But there are seeds sown for interesting subplots that we will be closely following. Sally and Barry seem like a ticking time bomb. It is only a matter of “when” and not “if” the relationship goes south and the two turn on each other.

Watching that unfurl would be a happening mix of joy and sadness. The bittersweet tonality continues with other supporting characters like Hank and Cristobal. I feel the former has grown in stature with each passing season and one could bet on him doing so again this time. Overall, a terrific start to the new chapter in Barry’s life.

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