Bargain – Season 1 Episode 3 “7 Billion” Recap & Review

7 Billion 

As episode 3 of Bargain begins, Geuk finally lets go of Hyeong after grabbing him by the throat. He has saved his life twice already now. All that Geuk can concentrate on in this chaos is a kidney for his father. He pleads with Hyeong to take “responsibility” when they make it out as the cop looks around. He doesn’t find Jo-young, who has once again outfoxed him. They go around the floor to look for a way out but can’t find one. Frustrated by his constant bugging, Hyeong finally accepts the responsibility to shut Geuk up.

Once his mind is off the kidney, Geuk is able to focus and tell the cop that there was a landslide. The building is buried under soil, and it is tilting toward the opposite direction. Geuk says the only way out is going up. He fetches a stool to jump and grab a ledge to help himself to the floor upstairs. Hyeong panics when he notices that Min and Bu-gwan have broken through. Geuk throws him a rope and Hyeong pulls himself up as bodies keep dropping from above into the water. They look around but discover that the only choice they have is to keep pulling themselves up. But when the twins also climb up, the pair tries to hide. The cop locks out Geuk in the lobby to fend for himself.

The twins aren’t seemingly interested in the pair as much as they are in finding “Dad’s hiding place”. Geuk and Hyeong engage in a fistfight as Joo-young is also seen on the same floor. Geuk is thrown back into the water as Hyeong tries to convince himself it was self-defense. A girl falls on their floor and the pair help her. She tells them that Hee-sook is sending his goons to cut off ears from all the corpses. Chang-seon comes looking down for the girl. He decides to take it and spare the pair’s life.

Joo-young offers to give the cop Kwak’s money. She knows where it is kept but Hyeong doesn’t believe her at first. He does so a couple of moments later. Instead of finding money, they find a body chute that connects to the fifth floor, where they met for the first time. Hyeong suggests they climb up to the fifth floor but Joo-young points out that the floor only has one exit and it will be manned.

Hyeong tells Joo-young that Kwak is dead, as he heard Hee-sook announce earlier. Joo-young predicts that the twins came up from the basement because they wanted revenge for Kwak. She tells him that there’s almost $7 million in Kwak’s office. They climb up to the chute on the third floor but the bidders who survived the earthquake take them captive. Joo-young tries to leverage her knowledge of the building and the operations by asking the bidders to untie her. She tells them they’re all being hunted and Hee-sook killed all of Kwak’s men to take over the business.

The episode ends as Joo-young reveals to the room that Hyeong is a cop.

The Episode Review

It is quite surreal to consume Bargain as a series that unfolds in real-time. Breathing every action as it happens has an unmatchable thrill. The storytelling has been visceral thus far, although the lack of context is still concerning. Getting to know more about the characters and the plot’s scheme would help us better rationalize everything they do to survive.

Perhaps that is what it boils down to, in the end. Bargain has made the most of Jeong Jong-seo and Jin Seon-kyu in the central roles. They belong to completely different social sects and live their life with such contrasting ideals. And yet, this great equalizer of an earthquake has them behaving in a similar way. 

Both performers have done exceedingly well to adapt to director Woo-sung Jeon’s vision. Episode 3 saw them working together, which is so ironic given how they first started. The story can really go in any direction from here and it is exciting to see how the team takes it forward.

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