Bard Of Blood – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Trip To Pakistan

Episode 2 of Bard of Blood picks things up at the crime scene as Kabir spies the laptop on the table, but sees the hard drive is full. As he heads over to investigate, the police happen to be one step ahead and while they try to figure out who really murdered Sadiq, Kabir is interrogated by the agency with his interrogator imploring him to cooperate. However, Kabir is too quick-witted for him and as Joshi watches on from behind the glass, he lets him go after failing to get any answers.

At Sadiq’s funeral, Kabir mourns the loss but doesn’t get long to think things over as he spies a shady man taking pictures, prompting him to chase after him. Losing him in the sea of gravestones, he instead runs into Isha and they decide to team up. She phones up Nishar and manages to track down the location of the photographer at Sadiq’s funeral. With maps and schematics laid across his table, Kabir realizes that something big is going to happen in Balochistan. It’s here he relays the cryptic information he found at the crime scene on to Isha, including the letters “RLB”, which happens to be short for Rani Laxmi Bai.

Meanwhile Ghani and Veer are stopped at a border checkpoint with drugs on-board. However, the back of the truck is full of goats and as the guards question what he’s carrying, Ghani goes on to he tells them the smell coming from the back is the animals. After showing his papers, he’s allowed to go through. As they pass through the checkpoint, they stop as soon as they see the guards a distant relic in the rear view mirror. Enough time for undercover agent Veer Singh to phone home and be given one final task before leaving his post. Unfortunately Ghani hears him and holds a gun up to Veer’s head. As he spins round, he manages to outsmart and kill Ghani, later igniting the truck up into a barrage of angry flames.

Isha and Kabir prepare for their trip to Pakistan and say goodbye to their loved ones, preparing themselves for the worst. Kabir tells her to relax as she gets nervous at the airport. Thankfully they get through security without a hitch and as they touch down in Pakistan, the real battle starts. The undercover agent Veer picks them up and they cross over the border to Pakistan. However, he’s stopped by guards on the road and told to get out the car. Exerting their power, the guards tell him to pay up in order to pass through. Things turn violent though, leading to a gunfight to break out as the trio hide behind the car. Managing to shoot the oil drum after outsmarting the guards, it explodes and knocks the guards down.

Meanwhile, the Indians call the Taliban infidels while offered the chance to pray before Allah. This ultimately leads one of them to be killed, leaving only three of the Indians left alive.

With a dramatic third act and our characters finally on track to figure out where the Indians are being kept, learning that only three of them have now survived certainly adds an extra dramatic element to the series that works well to keep things exciting and action-packed. Quite what direction this one is likely to go next remains to be seen but for now, Bard of Blood delivers another enjoyable episode here.


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