Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Guide: “The Swamp Witch” Walkthrough

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Guide: The Swamp Witch

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Find Sirdean

Into The Void

Reach the bridge (North or South?)

The Path to Fort Jericho


Find Sirdean

When you arrive on Siridean Island, continue along the linear pathway, following the blue smoke into a tight cave. On the far side, you can actually use Antea’s Shockwave (R2) to destroy the rock wall. Inside is a chest that holds 4x Green Hellebore, 38x Piece of Eight and 4x Wool (location pictured below).

Return to the main path and exit out back into the clearing. Eventually you’ll come to a lake with a passageway heading over to the other side. Follow Antea up and to the right, where you’ll find a door covered in glyphs. Press A (X) to open it up.

Here, you’ll be introduced to Siridean. During the dialogue, select “Why bring us here?” and cycle through the rest of the choices. It doesn’t matter which options you choose from here, but eventually exit out and you’ll start the next mission.


Take the Tuning Key

Within Siridean’s hut, there are a fair few resources dotted around, and it’s worth exploring in a clockwise fashion to grab everything. The lockbox behind Siridean (on the table) holds 1x Equilibrium and the Tuning Key.

There’s also a couple of books in here, along with 4x Wool, 28x Witch Stone and a chest in the backroom holding 1x Inky Cap Copring, 102x Witch Stone and 4x Wool.

With all of this gathered, head back outside and speak to seeker, who you’ll find standing by the side of the lake (pictured below).

Cycle through the dialogue and then turn back and head northeast, through the cave just beyond Siridean’s house.

On the other side, approach the ritual circle on the ground and select Void Travelling. You should have enough resources but if not, you’ll need 1x Polypore and 2x Green Hellebore.


Into The Void

When you’re inside the void, you’ll need to progress forward quickly. Head alog with Antea all the way down the linear passage until you reach a large open arena and have to face a mini-boss fight.

Sorrow is a unique foe in that you’ll need to destroy the three roots around the outside of its main bulk in order to take it down. Antea’s powers are amplified in the Void, so you want to focus most of your efforts in using her to destroy these little roots. There are three in total… but things are obviously not quite that simple.

To complicate matters, Sorrow will also spill out splash damage at areas from the ground that will blast up and hit you, dealing a fair chunk of damage. You need to keep moving, cycling around the different roots rather than focusing on just one at a time.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also enemies that show up and attack too. Use Red to destroy the Spectre and prolong Antea’s time in combat. You can also use your shockwave too if you end up surrounded by enemies, which is a very useful tool to use here.

After destroying all the roots, focus on pummelling the main bulk of Sorrow. Now, feel free to switch over to Red and use your Banishment if it’s maxed out, or hit it with a big Shockwave blast from Red if you wish.

Destroying  Sorrow will net you 357 XP and 1x Void Splinter.

With Sorrow defeated, approach the Ritual site nearby and select “Void Traveling” to get out of here.

Reach the bridge

When you emerge back in our world, follow the linear pathway along, opening the chest on the way which holds 1x Swift Shot. After some dialogue with Antea, you’ll now need to choose your path. You either go for The Harrows or Fort Jericho.

Now, you may be wondering which way to go here. Both The Harrows and Fort Jericho have their own share of Haunting Cases and main missions but thankfully, selecting one way will not negate the other.

In fact, within the game you’ll be visiting both so it really doesn’t matter in which order you choose to do this.

The only difference, beyond a couple of dialogue differences, are that enemy levels will scale depending on how high you level up. In this guide, we went to Fort Jericho first (for the pure reason of liking Chris Jericho the wrestler. Simple things, eh?)

Be sure to enter the cabin next to the bridge though as this holds a campfire (for us to fast travel back to later) and 1x The Incarnate and the Invisible, along with a few resources.

The Path to Fort Jericho

Head north toward Jericho. At the end of the pathway, hug the left hand side and look up to the sky to align the stain and teleport over quickly. Oh, and do be sure to switch to Antea as well!

Defeat the enemies on the other side and on the far end of the platform, near the breakable boxes, be sure to open the chest, which holds 3x Bog Iron, 31x Piece of Eight and 3x Wool.

On the far left, just past rhe enemies that spawned in originally, you’ll find a passageway down to a place where you van dig on the ground. Here, you’ll uncover 1108x Witch Stone.

Our actual destination though is just behind the cart and the breakable boxes, and up the wall (pictured below).

Climb up and follow the path all the way along until you come to a large cave. Once you step inside, you’ll have finished this mission and be onto the next.

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