Bang Brave Bang Bravern – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

That’s One Thing That’s Beyond My Powers

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 5 begins with the journey to Japan. Hibiki is delighted to see Lulu talking. They then begin with a meeting where the staff is briefed about their mission. Bravern also gives them a motivational speech. They then move on to have dinner.

Later, Smith approaches Bravern to talk about Isami. Bravern tells him that Isami does indeed need to relax and claims Smith can get through to him. However, Isami isn’t talking to Smith which makes it difficult. Smith decides to try his best regardless.

The scene switches to the military personnel doing various activities to keep themselves productive while they travel. Smith tries to muster up the courage but isn’t able to. He comes back to Bravern and gets advised that conversation need not only be verbal. This gives Smith an idea.

Smith challenges Isami to a boxing match and they begin. Smith is distracted from the match and gets punished instantly for it. He gets up and lands a few blows of his own. In the following round, Smith takes down Isami with his shoulder and claims he wants to talk.

Amidst this, Bravern sends out a microphone to capture and broadcast their conversation. Smith drops Isami with a terrifying punch; however, Isami gets up and delivers a powerful punch of his own. Isami is declared the winner of the match.

Following the match, Isami hopes he accomplished his goal, and along with Bravern, approaches Smith to talk. Lulu gets excited and challenges Isami to a fight and instantly kicks him off the deck at the end of Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 5.

The Episode Review

This episode brings the awkward stage between Isami and Smith to an end, and they do it in the manliest way possible: a boxing round to settle differences and speak their hearts out. This was only possible because of Bravern’s advice, and he is certainly too philosophical for a robot.

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 5 builds anticipation for the next encounter with the aliens as the crew draws closer to Japan.

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