Bang Brave Bang Bravern – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Isami?! You’ll Be Here Soon, Won’t You, Isami?!

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 2 opens with respect being paid to the martyrs of the previous attack. The top military executives of various countries discuss whether they can trust the robot in front of them.

The scene switches to Isami being tortured to extract the truth from him. The interrogator intends to find out everything about Bravern and his intentions. Isami is unable to provide much information as he is unaware and ends up receiving more beatings from the interrogators.

Bravern explains the Deathdrivers’ attack to the Board. He tries to convince them that he is on their side and begins to narrate the story of how he met Isami.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad prepares for battle. As Bravern continues to tell his story, they receive notice of more Deathdrivers heading their way. Bravern takes leave to fight Superbia. He is stopped by one of the mechs, but King lets him go.

Isami is still being tortured by the interrogators while the other pilots try to fight Superbia but get overpowered. Bravern arrives and begins to engage in combat against Superbia. Unfortunately, Bravern isn’t as strong as he was and keeps calling out for Isami.

Smith arrives at the interrogation room to take Isami and finds him almost unconscious. He drives Isami to Bravern, but Isami is stubborn and insists he doesn’t enter Bravern. With a lot of convincing, he enters Bravern, and they begin to fight Superbia.

They instantly deliver a tantalizing blow to Superbia, then begin sword fighting and end Superbia with their special move. Following that, Isami is stripped of his clothes inside Bravern and sits embarrassed. The episode ends with Smith stumbling upon a strange girl on the shores at the end of Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 2.

The Episode Review

The series started off with the “save the world from evil robots” narrative, but it isn’t as straightforward as it appears. The comical twist is the relationship between Bravern and Isami. The long speech Bravern gives about how he first met Isami definitely sounded like something else.

Apart from that, Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 2 establishes a bond between Bravern to Isami, but it goes only one way. The episode tactfully reveals why that is at the end of the episode. It also features an explosive action sequence and puts up a spectacle to watch. Towards the end, a discovery is made by Smith as he walks along the beach. It is yet to be known who the girl is and whether she is a friend or a foe.

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