Bang Brave Bang Bravern – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Wait’s over, Isami!!!

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 1 opens amidst a battle with the Mech armies of the USA and Japan deployed. It is a full-fledged battle, and the Titans perform outstandingly well. However, this is short-lived as some Titans get shot down. Ao Isami charges full speed in his Daidara 5, followed by Lewis Smith in his Titan 2. Unfortunately, as they approach the fortress, Titan falls, leaving Isami all by himself. Regardless, he still manages to pull off a victory, landing directly on the enemy fortress.

Smith is shocked by Isami’s performance and questions if Daidara has had any recent upgrades. The next day, he questions the mechanic if Daidara has undergone any major modifications, but the mechanic denies it and tells him off. Later that day, Smith finds Isami in the restaurant and challenges him to a one-on-one battle for the upcoming event. Isami agrees.

The next day, the pilots prepare their machines for the big event; however, suddenly, a huge unidentified object is detected in the sky heading straight for Earth. The object releases six more towers from it, landing in different locations on Earth. Each of them deploys hundreds of alien robots.

The alien robots wreak havoc over the Earth. The fighter jets initiate an attack, but the robots are protected by a force field, rendering bullets and missiles useless. Both Titan and Daidara deploy to fight the alien robots.

Meanwhile, the medics nurse the wounded. The Titans team up to fight the Monster and keep it preoccupied. Daidara mechs also work together to single out the alien robots. Just then, the tower hits the area with a massive blast, taking out all the mechs and leaving the pilots wounded.

Isami finds Rio stuck in her mech and tries to rescue her. Rio urges him to leave her as the tower loads up another shot, but he is adamant about rescuing her. The Tower fires another pulse but is intercepted by a sudden flash. The flash is revealed to be a mech that protects Isami and instructs him to board it.

At first, Isami is confused but surprised by the advanced technology. The Mech instructs Isami to manoeuvre it and destroy the tower. Isami uses the sword to cut through the head of the tower, destroying it completely. The mech introduces itself to Isami as Bravern at the end of Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Bang Brave Bang Bravern Episode 1 makes a mark, opening mid-battle with massive mechs, fighter jets, and tanks engaging in a spectacular display of warfare. Not only does it display the war machines, but it also establishes the world the anime is set.

The anime plays a wild bait and switch after opening with a military mech battle and then shifting into an emergency alien invasion response. Everything seemed hopeless as the mechs weren’t able to land a scratch on the alien robots until a friendly super robot arrived. This is the mech companion of the main character, and the two put on a spectacular show while taking down the alien tower with a single attack.


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