Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

In the Name of the Father

The season finale of Bambai Meri Jaan starts with Chhota Babban agreeing to work for D-Company for free. He promises to return with a fool-proof plan to kill Raizada and Haroon. Ajju fights with Dara and tells him that he wants to avenge the death of his brother. He asks Dara to let him kill Raizada, but Dara refuses because he fears he will lose another of his siblings.

How does Chhota Babban help Dara?

The commissioner of police threatens to start an investigation on Malik. In order to save his reputation and job, Malik pledges to help Haroon survive and refuses to help Dara anymore. Meanwhile, Babban and his friends discuss the potential ways in which they could kill Haroon and Raizada.

Babban pays off a gangster named Pardesi to kill Raizada and looks for a way to kill Haroon who has fled. Babban tells Dara that Raizada was kept in isolation for his protection and it was difficult to kill him in prison. He adds that Pardesi will try and kill Raizada outside court when the cops slack off.

What does Ismail tell Inspector Malik?

Inspector Malik talks to Ismail and tries to convince him to make Dara stop but Ismail recalls the incident when he  brought in his sons and asked Malik to arrest them. Ismail states that if Malik had taken him seriously then, Dara wouldn’t have got this powerful.

Ismail tells Malik that he should not have helped Dara eliminate Ganiya because now there’s nothing Dara is afraid of and he’s very powerful.

Once back home, Ismail learns that the doctors advised Sakina to rest because she had several blockages in her heart. Ismail decides to stay back at the house and take care of his wife.

How does Ajju help Dara?

Dara avoids going to Dubai with the immediate threat to his family but Ajju asks his brother to take Abdullah with him and promises to protect their family. Ajju tells his brother that he will take care of Saadiq’s newborn as well as his other family members. At the same time, Pardesi overdoses on drugs and passes out, leaving Babban to kill Raizada on his own.

Days before Raizada’s hearing, Babban and his friends check out the courtroom in order to prepare to kill him inside the courtroom. Babban is of the opinion that the cops would not expect a murder in the courtroom which would give them leeway to kill Raizada with ease.

How does Chhota Babban kill Raizada?

On the day of Raizada’s hearing, Chhota Babban gets ready to kill Raizada but ends up sitting in the wrong courtroom. He rushes outside and finds that Raizada is being taken to a different room for a secret hearing. Babban shoots at Raizada causing chaos in the court.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Raizada tries to flee the cops. Just as he is about to run out, Babban finds him and shoots him in the head, killing him instantly. Since Babban is disguised as a lawyer and is not known to any of the cops, he easily manages to escape from the courtroom.

The Kadri siblings are happy about the murder but look forward to the two remaining gangsters – Pathan and Haroon. Malik shows up at the Kadri house and warns Dara telling him that the stunt he had pulled in court could cost him his business and his life. 

What happens when Dara goes to Dubai?

Dara shows up at Chhota Babban and pays him a hefty amount for his work while Haji asks Pathan to hide out in order to protect himself. Sakina’s health declining forces Dara to stay back despite some persistent work in Dubai. Ajju asks his brother to go to Dubai and promises to take care of his mother and the other family members in his absence.

Unwillingly, Dara bids his mother goodbye and flies to Dubai with Abdullah. With him away, Pathan asks his gunmen to take advantage of the situation and kill Dara’s family. As the entire family takes Sakina to the hospital for her operation, Pathan’s gunmen start firing at Ismail and Ajju who are waiting outside. Habiba protects her mother while Ismail and Ajju face the firing outside. 

What does Dara do to Pathan?

Ajju ends up with a gunshot on his shoulder which infuriates Ismail. He picks up the gun and shoots down the remaining Pathan goons, saving his family. Habiba, on the other hand, kills the men who try to attack her and Sakina. Ajju is taken into the ICU when Dara returns from Dubai. Ismail tells Dara that he’s certain that the D-Company and their business will one day take the lives of all his family members.

Dara goes to check up on Ajju and is glad to see his brother alive. Ajju tells Dara that he kept his promise to his older brother and ensured the safety of everyone in their family. Dara, agitated by the backstabbing, shows up at Pathan’s hotel room and shoots him down along with Abdullah and Babban.

What happens to the Kadri family?

The news about Dara’s crimes takes over the newspapers with D-Company gangsters killing common people who were bystanders in the gang wars. In light of the gang wars, Malik is asked to arrest Dara or lose his job. Malik calls Abdullah and tells him that Dara has an hour to flee the country before the cops show up to arrest him.

Dara gets all of his family members to get ready to go to Dubai but Ismail revolts. He tells Dara that he had no part in his son’s crimes and will not flee with him. Sakina stays back with her husband. Abdullah tells Dara that the only way for him to survive is to flee along with his siblings.

How does Bambai Meri Jaan end?

Ajju joins Dara and Abdullah as they leave to go to Dubai while Habiba stays back in order to look after their parents. Dara meets Haji one last time and bids him farewell. Ismail realises how Dara was not the only monster he gave birth to as Habiba takes her seat on the chair and faces the police officers who show up to arrest Dara.

The show ends with a gunman killing Haroon in Gujarat while Habiba finally allows her brother, Sadiq to rest in peace after avenging him. 

The Episode Review

The final few moments of the show reveal how, even after Dawood Ibrahim (here Dara Kadri) fled Bombay, India the gangster-led war didn’t end because Habiba succeeded her brother. I really hope the show is renewed for a second season after the success of this one because the Kadri family’s story and the history of the underworld went a long way even after Dawood fled Bombay.

Malik plays a key role in what happened with Dara and as Ismail points out, Malik’s failure in arresting Dara when he was a petty criminal is what caused him to grow into the gangster that feared no one. The show glorifies Dara and real-life gangsters like Dawood but more attention should be paid to the incompetent cops that enabled criminals like him.

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