Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 7 “Thy Kingdom Come” Recap & Review

Thy Kingdom Come

Episode 7 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts in 1981, a few years after the events of the last episode. Despite their unwillingness, Pathan and Dara are trying to have a cordial relationship in light of their verbal agreement. With business booming, the Kadri family decide to get Saadiq, the oldest child of the family, married.

Dara buys the family members new clothes and redecorates the house. He also buys Habiba new jewellery asking her to give two gold bangles to Pari, who he still hasn’t found the guts to ask out on a date. Habiba gives the bangles to Pari who refuses to take the bangles from her.

Pari asks Habiba to relay the message to Dara and ask hi to bring the bangles to her if he wants her to wear them. Habiba keeps the bangles to herself and doesn’t tell Dara. Dara finds the bangles on Habiba’s hand and asks her why she hadn’t given it to Pari. Habiba lies to her brother and states that Pari refuses to accept the gift.

Saadiq is engaged and the family celebrates the wedding rituals in full swing. Meanwhile, Ismail finds it hard to enjoy the trappings of wealth Dara had earned by doing illegal activities. That night, Habiba comes clean to Dara and tells him that she was afraid Pari would wedge a distance between them if she started dating Dara.

Dara tells Habiba that she matters more to him than any girl would and states that he would be willing to forget Pari if it were up to Habiba. Habiba is happy with the comment and asks Dara to go talk to Pari. Meanwhile, the boys take Saadiq to a brothel to have him sleep with a virgin prostitute before his wedding.

However, after seeing Jayshree hooking up with her regular customer, Chitra, another prostitute, shows up and takes Saadiq with her. The next day, Dara meets Pari and somehow musters up the courage to ask her on a date. The two go around town while the rest of the family starts buying outfits for the wedding.

Ismail is tired of pretending to be okay with everything and decides to pack up his clothes and move out. Sakina tries her best to stop Ismail but he tells his wife that as a man of God, he can no longer put up with Dara’s forbidden and sinful money.

The three kids wait for Dara to come back home that night and tell him that their father has left the house to live in a small rental room. Sakina forbids Dara from going there and takes some food for Ismail. She apologises to Ismail for ruining his life all those years ago when she picked her brother over Ismail’s principles.

Sakina tells Ismail that Dara is a spitting image of his father and adds that Ismail’s temper and Dara’s temper are exactly alike. She wishes for Ismail to show up at Saadiq’s wedding in order to help their family to finally see some happy days.

The next day, Ismail shows up to the wedding dressed in his simple clothes gives his eldest son his blessing and leaves as soon as the ceremony is over. On the contrary, Pathan and his goons attend Saadiq’s wedding reception with Haji to put up a show of their cordial relationship. Haji shows up at the reception with two Dubai-based Sheikhs, Ahmed and Wahab and introduces them to Dara.

After the reception, Dara tells Saadiq and Abdullah that he wanted to outwit Haji and crack an off-the-record deal with the Sheikhs. The trio go to Dubai and talk to the Sheikhs. Dara promises to pay them more than Haji was paying and agrees to smuggle double the amount of gold that Haji was importing.

Dara tells the Sheikhs that he would transport the gold via the airport which leaves them wondering how the up-and-coming gangster would manage this endeavour. Abdullah tells the Sheikhs that their company, D-Company, will take care of the transport on their own.

D-Company hires a bunch of men and sends them to Dubai who bring the gold to Bombay by rectally body packing the items. The D-Company flourishes while Haji, Pathan and Anna discuss this rise of Dara and his group. Anna asks Haji to do something about Dara stealing their business but Haji reminds them that the only deal they made was pertaining to Bombay and not Dubai.

After the success of the body packing method of smuggling, D-Company tries a lot of different ways to smuggle gold into Bombay. While everything goes well with Dara’s company, there is internal conflict when Dara sidelines Saadiq and puts Abdullah in the forefront as his right-hand man.

As time passes by, Saadiq grows upset about this treatment and starts cheating on his wife as he visits Chitra, the prostitute, and vents out his anger by engaging in rash sex with her.

Meanwhile, Dara’s relationship with Pari is blossoming quite well as they often go out on dates. Pathan, Bilawal, Raizada and Haroon talk about how Haji has gone weak to confront Dara and decide to take matters into their own hands. Pathan decides to hire a murderer in order to kill Dara as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

History has seen Haji Mastan as the most righteous gangster and this show does a good job at showing the same. Haji never sided with the Pathan gang (led by Karim Lala in reality). This episode also puts a name to Dara’s gang for the first time and we see D-Company, the name that has been associated with Dawood Ibrahim.

However, with all that being said, it looks like Bambai Meri Jaan is trying its best to glorify Dawood’s actions by showing Dara in a very neutral if not negative light. Over the last 7 episodes, we have seen the Pathan gang try to eliminate Dara but with all their efforts failing, the men have to resort to a third-party killer.

I’m excited to see where the show takes us because if the makers are being historically accurate, Manya Surve, one of the few educated gangsters from Bombay will be the man for the job.

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