Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 6 “Crown of Thorns” Recap & Review

Crown of Thorns

Episode 6 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts with Nasir crawling out of the lake but eventually passing out on the shore. The next morning, Dara and his brothers rush to the hospital to see Nasir in critical condition. Dara asks Nasir for the names of the people that did this to him and Nasir somehow names Yasir but dies before naming Arif.

Ismail and Sakina show up at the hospital and the former cop is shocked to see the plight of the innocent boy. Dara’s temperament shifts instantly and he is furious after learning what the men have done to Nasir’s wife. That night, Sakina tells Dara that she made a very selfish decision that ruined their life.

She tells her son that prioritising her brother’s safety led to Ismail’s suspension and eventually ruined their family. She asks Dara to think about his choices consciously, stating that his every choice came with a price that will be paid by those around him. Pathan then helps Yasir and Arif hide out, fearing what Dara would do as a reaction to their actions.

Meanwhile, Ismail asks Dara, Saadiq and Ajju to quit it and stop seeking revenge. He states that with the way that things were going off-lately, Dara’s gang and Haji’s gang were trying to overpower each other only to lose their loved ones respectively.

However, Dara who is fuelled by fury mocks his father for abetting Rahim, the murderer of his friend – Ahmed. Dara tells Ismail that he will not rest until he avenges Nasir and the boys leave. Ismail begs Abdullah to try and stop Dara but the latter claims that Dara is his boss and he won’t stop him.

Ismail is worried about his son’s death but Abdullah promises to keep Dara safe for as long as he lives. Dara’s gang go on a rampage and start shooting Haji’s men on the streets. Pathan gang responds to this by shooting Dara’s gang members.

The mindless gunfire in public places becomes local news with the police worried for the common man. Malik trashes some of the Pathan gang members and announces to the reporters that the violence has been brought under control. Pathan tells Haji that he won’t back down and wants to protect his nephews.

Malik learns where Pathan is hiding Yasir and Arif from his informant. He tells Dara where the two men are with the hopes of putting an end to the gang wars. In exchange for this, Malik asks Dara to owe him a favour that he will cash in at a later time. Dara decides to visit the hotel room where Pathan is hiding out his two nephews.

Dara and Saadiq brutally murder Arif and Yasir respectively, killing both of Pathan’s nephews at the same time and sending a signal to Haji and Pathan that their war hadn’t ended. Haji tells Pathan that all the traders that worked for them had switched sides and were now working for Dara.

Pathan asks his men to prepare for his nephews’ funerals and calls in two more of his trusted men – Raizada and Haroon who worked at the gang’s Gujrat warehouse. On the other hand, Malik reveals the reason behind his support for Dara. He tells Yunis that Dara was a weaker link than Haji and could be easily wiped off by the cops. He states that by letting Dara eliminate Haji’s group first, they would be able to eliminate all crime from Bombay soon.

Besides this, tension brews between Haji and Pathan, as the former states that he can’t let this conflict ruin their business anymore. He decides to talk to Ismail and seeks a favour, asking the father to control his son. The former cop mocks Haji stating that he was only reaching out now because he feared that Dara was getting very powerful.

Ismail goes back home and asks Dara to let go of the war now that he has avenged Nasir’s death. Dara listens to his father despite Saadiq’s refusal and agrees to see Haji. That night, Habiba tries to stop Dara from going, worried that Haji’s men will kill Dara. Ismail brings Dara, Saadiq and Abdullah to Haji’s house where Haji asks to call for a truce.

Dara is arrogant with Haji and asks for an equal division of business. He asks for Bombay to be divided into four parts which will belong to Haji, Pathan, Anna and now Dara. He threatens to take all of the trio’s business if they don’t agree to his offer. The trio swear on the Quran and call for a truce leaving Ismail in a state of utter disbelief as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This looks like the darkest episode on the show so far and I can only see it growing darker as the show progresses. Dara’s aggression in killing the man who killed Nasir and the look on his face when he uses the knife on the man is proof of the fact that Dara is really his father’s son.

We saw Ismail torturing his informant to extract information about Haji’s movements in the same way in episode 2 and now, Dara kills a gangster to avenge his friend’s death in the same way.

It is clear that the Kadri children were all working together, including Habiba. Her character is based on Dawood’s sister – Mafia Queen, Haseena Parkar. One can only imagine what will happen when we get to the point of her coming into power in the episodes to come.

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