Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 4 “Prodigal Son” Recap & Review

Prodigal Son

Episode 4 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts 10 years after the last episode in Bombay 1975; the Emergency Period after the war between India and Pakistan. While the rest of the country dealt with poverty, Haji and Pathan saw a boom in their business.

Due to the Emergency Movement, a new cop named Malik joins the Bombay police force. He issues a warrant against Haji, Pathan and Anna because of their past crimes and locks the trio in prison. With their leaders away for over two years, Haji and Pathan’s goons were directionless with Bilawal leading the business and Abdullah supporting them.

Saadiq, Dara, Ajju and Nasir are all grown up. Nasir tells Dara that his father is going to buy him a Rado watch if he passes his exams with a distinction grade. This gives Dara the idea to con innocent people. The group first steal gold from a buyer and sell it off to buy an expensive watch.

After luring in a customer with the pretext of selling the expensive watch for half its price, the boys sell an empty box with a stone. This way, the boys end up conning many innocent men and making a lot of money. Habiba joins the boys and asks for her share of the money in exchange for keeping their wrongdoings a secret from Ismail.

Meanwhile, Ismail is at the mosque when the priest asks him to come over for an important meeting. He mentions Dara, which worries Ismail who is sure his son has done something wrong. Habiba defends Dara in front of her father and the family get ready to host the priest later that evening.

The priest tells the Kadri family that he has found a suitable boy for Habiba and wants the family to consider it. Habiba does not want to get married and starts throwing a fit. The priest asks Dara and his brother to help collect donations for the renovation of the mosque and despite Saadiq’s unwillingness, the boys agree to help after Dara gives the priest his word.

The three Kadri boys collect money from all the shopkeepers and use their persuasion skills to threaten the shopkeepers who do not contribute. However, after showing up at Daruis’ bakery, Dara is dumbfounded when he sees Pari at the counter. Instead of taking money from her, Dara ends up buying items from the shop.

The boys tease Dara for being a simp as they make their way back to give the money to the priest after keeping their share from it. The priest is talking to Ismail and Sakina when the boys show up and give the old man the money for the renovation.

The priest blesses the boys for their hard work and praises Dara in front of Ismail. The boys think of more ways to con people and earn money. Dara suggests that they start extorting money from shopkeepers in exchange for protection from Pathan’s nephews.

At home, Dara learns that Habiba is sulking because of the marriage proposal. He tries to cheer his little sister up but Habiba tells him that she has different plans to ward the boy off. The next day, Habiba is on the bus to meet the boy and she ends up threatening to beat up a man who touched her inappropriately. She meets Pari who is tagging along with her on the date.

Habiba takes Pari’s help and accuses the boy of eve-teasing Pari. Habiba tells the boy to say no to the wedding proposal and take the blame for it on himself.

Pathan’s goons try to extort money from the shopkeepers and learn that Dara and his boys are already extorting money from the shops. Dara and his friends beat up Pathan’s goons and come out victorious, despite being less in number compared to the seasoned goons.

The goons flee, giving Dara the upper-hand in his area. Ismail is at the wrestling arena and tells Bilawal about another raid that has taken place under Malik’s department. Bilawal insults Ismail and asks him to bring back the seized goods.

Meanwhile, the goons including Pathan’s nephew – Hamid tell Bilawal that Dara is trying to claim authority over their area. Bilawal talks badly to Ismail as well as Abdullah, asking the former cop to keep his son under control lest he’ll be killed. At the same time, Sakina learns that the boy has rejected the marriage proposal all of a sudden.

Ismail believes that it’s Dara’s reputation that had led the boy to refuse the marriage offer. Habiba tells Dara that Ismail was mocked by Pathan’s men which infuriates him. As Bilawal prepares Abdullah to beat Dara up, the latter and his friends show up at the wrestling arena and beat up all of the goons.

Dara’s boys beat every single goon up as they flee away one by one. To further teach them a lesson, Dara burns down the wrestling arena and shows Ismail what he is willing to do to protect his father’s reputation. Instead of being pleased with his son, Ismail tells Dara that he had started hellfire which would burn his entire family to ashes. The episode ends with Haji, Pathan and Anna being released from prison.

The Episode Review

Three episodes into the show, Bambai Meri Jaan is really engaging. While a lot can be said about the use of basic VFX and animation to show Bombay from 50 years ago, viewers mustn’t overlook the fact that the makers have done a pretty good job at connecting the storylines of the characters on the show to real-life characters.

From what we see in this episode, it is highly likely that Habiba is not just a bystander and has a bigger purpose than what we’re seeing. From the looks of it, she is based on the real-life crime queen, Haseena Parker, who was Dawood Ibrahim’s sister. 

With the original three gangsters finally being released from prison, there is going to be some serious clashes between the new and coming gangster – Dara and his gang and the seasoned criminal – Haji and his gang.

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