Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 3 “Fall From Grace” Recap & Review

Fall From Grace

Episode 3 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts with Ismail leaving the hospital after discovering Ahmed’s dead body. Ahmed’s wife arrives at the hospital but Ismail has no way to console her. He goes back home and Sakina is worried about seeing Ismail in a troubled state.

The boys, Dara, Saadiq and Ajju, hear their father trying to come to terms with the fact that his friend was killed at the hands of his own brother-in-law. IAS officer Kaul discusses the matter with the Home Minister who claims that Rahim’s testimony and arrest was the only way to save Ismail from being charged for the abetment of Ahmed’s death. The minister also asks for the squad to be dissolved, claiming that Younis was testifying against Ismail.

Ismail tells Kaul that he was not aware of Rahim’s actions and begs for the squad to be kept active as they need to nab the gangsters. Kaul tells Ismail that Younis had testified against him in court and asks him to look for Rahim if he wants to resolve the matter rightfully.

Haji and Pathan ask the commissioner of police to look for Rahim as they wanted to owe a favour to Ismail in order to get him to work with them. Ismail also learns that Younis had joined forces with Haji and was working for the gangster now despite being a cop. He also blames Ismail for the death of Ahmed and claims that it was Ismail’s anger that brought all this upon them.

On the other hand, Nasir tells Dara that Saadiq hates him. Dara tells his friend that to him, Nasir is more important than his brother. He asks for Nasir’s help to food Darius and the two boys trash the man’s bakery. Dara breaks the bottles of cookies and flees. Darius chases after the boys but is not able to catch them.

Hiding away from her father, Dara flirts with Pari and tells her he likes her. Meanwhile, Ismail takes up a job as a security guard and refuses Haji’s second offer. That night, Haji tells Pathan and Anna that Ismail’s life was more valuable to them in comparison to his death. He is sure that Ismail would work with them.

Ismail’s new boss kicks him out of the job claiming that he was overqualified for the position. Ismail spends the rest of the day looking for a new job but finds none. He is broken down completely with no food on the table and Dara is kicked out of school because he hasn’t paid the fees.

With the power in their house cut and nothing to eat, Sakina sells off her gold jewellery in order to help with their expenses. With no money to buy a goat to offer for Eid, Ismail claims that they won’t celebrate the festival. However, Dara steals a goat with Nasir and Saadiq’s help.

The boys bring the goat home and the butcher tells Ismail all about Dara’s actions. In order to teach his son a lesson, Ismail beats Saadiq. He hits Dara to the point that the boy is left with a bleeding wound on his cheek. An angry Dara leaves the butchered goat’s head outside the butcher’s door for ratting him out in front of his father.

On Eid day, Ismail takes his sons to the mosque. There, Haji gives Dara some money as a gift but Ismail asks him to return the money. Ismail is interrupted by the priest and Dara, and the kids go back home. There, they find that Abdullah has dropped off a few gifts to help Ismail and his family celebrate the occasion.

Ismail is called to meet Haji who has Rahim killed in front of the former cop. He gives Ismail one last chance to join their side before the episode ends with Ismail forfeiting his pride to work with Haji

The Episode Review

Dara’s anger issues probably come from his father, and it can be seen from the scene where he leaves the goat head at the butcher’s shop. The scene where Ismail beats his son up but Dara doesn’t even flinch says a lot about him as a character.

It gives “What Dara wants, Dara takes” and it looks like the young boy is going to grow up to be the Ruler of Bombay, snatching the city from Haji’s rule. We see a potential animosity brewing between Saadiq and Dara due to the way Ismail and Sakina differentiate between the two boys.

Haji’s motives behind wanting Ismail under his wing are practical but one cannot help but ignore that Pathan’s hatred for Ismail could cause rifts between the two partners. Moreover, the way Pathan and his brother treat Abdullah could lead the wrestler to turn on the Pathan gang, we only have to wait and watch.

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