Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 2 “Paradise Lost” Recap & Review

Paradise Lost

Episode 2 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts off with a flashback from 1945 showing the origins of Haji Maqbool who worked as a porter. After accidentally discovering gold hidden away, he started stealing and smuggling the goods. Years go by and Haji’s business now involves illegally importing items to Bombay.

Present-day Haji talks to Ismail and asks him to team up with him. Ismail admits that he was Allah’s follower and was going to do his job as an honest police officer. Ismail refuses to shake hands with Haji.

On the other hand, Dara and his brothers are introduced to Haji who is on his way out. Haji notices the drive in Dara’s eyes and wishes him well.

That night, Ismail tries to teach his sons the value of working hard and doing the right thing but soon realises that both Dara and Saadiq are money-minded unlike him. Rahim shows up at Ismail’s house, drunk and high, asking for more money. He accuses Ismail of shaking hands with   Haji and taking his money.

Ismail is furious and kicks Rahim out after beating him up. Sakina is upset that Ismail has mistreated her brother and takes things personally. Ismail asks Sakina to protect their children instead of defending her brother. The next day, Haji and Pathan visit another local gangster named Anna and offers a deal.

Haji offers a partnership to Anna and asks him to handle the transport of his illegal goods without getting in the know of the cops, especially Ismail. Ismail hears about the deal from his informant and starts up new checkpoints to check the taxi cabs that were allegedly transporting the illegal goods. Finding nothing in the taxi Ismail loses his temper.

On the other hand, Saadiq feels left out when Ismail orders an English newspaper for Dara to read and practice his English skills. On his way to school, Saadiq tells Dara that he too wanted to go to an English-medium school like him but Dara claims that he did not like going to school at all. Dara tells Saadiq that he usually bunks at school and takes his brothers along with him.

At the playground, Dara and his team compete with his classmate and rival – Nasir. The match ends with Dara winning against Nasir but Saadiq soon learns that Dara had made a deal with Nasir in order to let him win. Dara’s crush, Pari Patel Darius, the bakery shop owner’s daughter finds them at the popsicle stall and asks him why he was bunking school.

That night, Ismail finds mud stains on Dara’s shirt and grows suspicious. He follows Dara and learns that his son is bunking school. He beats Dara up and scolds him for wasting his money.

Ismail meets his informant and learns that the cab riders actually hid the illegal goods in the spare tyres inside the boot. The cops find the gold bars in the and instead of reporting the crime, ask the cab driver to side with them and become their informer.

After some threatening, the cab driver agrees to work for the cops and relay information when the next big consignment is to be passed. Meanwhile, Rahim shows up at Haji’s house and badmouths his brother-in-law. He asks Haji to give him a job and starts working for the gangster.

A few days later, the priest sets a date for Habiba’s sacrificial ceremony (aqeeqah) and asks Sakina to prepare things for that Friday. On the other hand, Ismail gets desperate, waiting for a call regarding the gold consignment. Ahmed and Younis ask Ismail to go home for Habiba’s aqeeqah and tell him that they will take care of everything.

That night, the cab driver calls to tell the cops about the vehicle carrying the smuggled goods. Ahmed and Younis track the vehicle and stop it on their own instead of telling Ismail. The cops learn that Rahim was working for Haji and find the smuggled items in the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle and Rahim both run from the two cops leaving Younis and Ahmed to chase after them. Younis finds the driver and arrests him but Ahmed who ran after Rahim is nowhere to be found. Rahim shows up with bloodstains on his shirt and asks for monetary help from Sakina.

Ismail shows up and figures out that Rahim has done something bad and landed himself in huge trouble. Upon Sakina’s request, Ismail agrees to drop Rahim off at the train station. Younis shows up at Ismail’s house, telling him that Ahmed was missing and asks if Rahim has shown up there. Ismail and Sakina lie to Younis but the cops get a call from a local hospital.

Ismail and Younis learn that Rahim had killed Ahmed during the chase and a cop who had seen Ismail at the train station reveals that he had abetted his brother-in-law and helped him flee from the city as the episode comes to an end. 

The Episode Review

A lot can be said about the future personality of Dara from his actions as a child. From seeking revenge on Darius for being disrespected to telling his father that he would rather drive a good car than resort to honesty. The show sheds light on the 70’s and 80’s when crime was at an all-time high in Mumbai and the accuracy of these depictions is bang on.

From the way the episode ends, it is quite likely for Ismail to be stripped of his job, probably causing a lot of turmoil in their family. Knowing what happens from the real-life events, it is also likely that Ismail starts working for Haji, which would eventually introduce Dara to the world of crime.

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